A tithing request from a pastor, and a concern about his method

Please watch this and share your views on the method and request this man is making of his congregation.


Personally, I am surprised people sat and listened to this. Not just for the obvious reason.
But, does he have ants in his pants or something? Observe his movements as he tries to snare them in.

Yikes. :eek:

I didn’t watch the whole thing - I had to turn it off when he said, “[If you don’t tithe,] you’re wasting God’s time, and your time.” :rolleyes:

Now, I believe that people ought to support their Church as best they can - because nobody else is going to - people who don’t go to your church aren’t going to send money to it - they don’t care if the lights work, or whether the pastor gets to eat, so the people who go there (meaning, you) have to step up and help out.

However - this presentation is just plain spiritual bullying. :mad:

He’s set it up so people can pay tithe through automatic withdrawl. That’s not a big deal. He’s trying to encourage people to use it, also not a big deal, now he is selling it in what appears to be the dumbest way possible, but I don’t think that is as important.

I saw areas where he could trim the fat a bit. All those huge TV screens? What?

I think I read that he has an airplane also. Did not verify it.

At the parish I go to, they just ask you to give them a blank deposit slip and they take care of it from there. No talking down to people by showing them on a huge screen or many many huge screens the difference between the account number and routing number.

And asking them to do this while sitting right next to someone else, I guess during worship time?

As I said, he did it in the dumbest way possible. :wink:

I got the feeling he’s one of those Properity Pastors. It isn’t surprised he’s fixated on money.

Some people are always working that Stewardship drive. But funny this comes up now, just last week our Synod had it’s yearly stewardship event. They talked about congregation budgeting on the 10/10/80 plan and things like that, but they showed a funny cartoon. A man and his son are sitting at a table in a restaurant. The man has his wallet out and the check and he’s looking at it. In the caption bubble, the son says, “Dad how come God only gets 10% when the waitress gets 15%.”

I started watching the video and I had to stop half way through it. This man is a nut, he’s crazy and should not be preaching, period. Anyone who gives their bank info to this crazy man is crazy themselves. He going to take what ever he pleases and say that is what God wants you to give. He could wipe out their accounts. This man is no preacher he’s a conartist that is using God as a tool for his evil doings.

I wouldn’t give a blank anything to anybody or oginization.

I give blank stares for free to many people. It can save your sanity sometimes Rev.

Ok you got me, and your right it can save ones sanity sometimes. :thumbsup:

LOL! Yep - that’s the only blank thing I’d ever give out, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

At my parish we offer the use of a serivce called faith direct. the perosn goes to the site and select their parish and howmuch how often they wnat to give. just like setting up an auto pay with the phone company. Our priest mentioned the service a few times and that was that. it is an oppion instead of the envelope. Save on admin cost for the parish and helps in budgetting as they know a base amount that is comeing in each month.
plus for those that do go to other parishes every once in awhile it keeps the support of home parish going and you dont have to woory about missing when on vactions etc…

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