A Tribute To Mom - Can You Get Through This Mother's Day Video Without Shedding A Tear?


A Tribute To Mom - Can You Get Through This Mother’s Day Video Without Shedding A Tear?



Hi MandM,
First I’d like to welcome you to CAF. I hope this is the beginning of many posts and years for you here on CAF.

Now on to the topic. I wish to thank you for sharing that video. No,
I didn’t shed a tear, but if it lasted longer, it would have. While watching the video, my reactions went from curious look with no emotional response, then went to smiling and towards the end I felt sad and getting choked up. For this Mothers Day, it will be the first without my Mom. She passed away on June 7, 2007, On Wednesday, it will mark 11 months. I miss her so very much.:frowning:


I won’t be watching the video, because I’m a little blue today. Lost my Mom July 19 and this mothers day will be hard. Mass is being said for her tomorrow, it’s the best way to honor our Mom’s who are gone from us. God Bless one and all who are grieving this mothers day, may God’s gentle presence be with you tomorrow and all the days to come.
Thanks mom for Life.


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