A true picture of the women who face late-term abortion


Jave you seen this?? Just curious how people will respond to this Washington Post article.

Full.disclosure I disagree with the article and think it sad we determine what life is worth living and wjat is not based on the autonomy of the baby.



We live in a culture of death. It will only get worse.


That is only true for some places. Mexico, for example, banned abortion outright so far (and, although they are very Catholic, that still has something to say). Even if it does get worse for some places, such as the United States, it is true that abortion rates are falling because people are not having children. Even if that is not the most pious thing, seemingly, it is still not abortion.


I don’t know , do take into consideration that some forms of contraception do you cause abortion. Now the women taking said contraception don’t always know that.


It’s my understanding abortion is legal in Mexico City and in other states under some restrictions.

There are also people using contraception, and yes, some forms of contraception, like the Pill, it can provocate an abortion and wouldn’t be included in the statistics of abortion, though it is one.


Here is my opinion on the article writer. She & her husband did not make a loving choice for their child. They did not save him from pain. She & her husband made a very selfish decision. They decided they did not a child with severe disabilities, they decided their life was to important to have to parent a disabled child. They certainly did not trust God in His decision for their lives.

Even if this was a worst case scenario and the child passed away during or shortly after birth, his life would have had meaning and value. He would have felt the hands of his parents touching him gently, he would have had a chance to touch their hearts.

By aborting him he knew the pain of the procedure and known he was an unvalued child to his parents. These parents made the best choice for them, not for the child.


Thanks guys. This has been a hot topic the last couple of days.



Perhaps a truer picture of love for the unborn is resented here:


An excellent read


We do not have to actively kill those whose life may be shortened by circumstances … we can love them and do whats possible to mitigate their suffering and pain … to actively end their life is to say their life has no meaning


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