A true Story of Sun Yanling who practised Falun gong

Wu Ziming, living in the suburb fo Bengbu City, Anhui Province,had a happy family: he was a hauler with a bus and his wife, Sun Yanling managed a nursery, the children were studying at school. The villagers all praised the harmonious and happy family.
One day in 1997, SUN Yanling went to Xinhua Bookstore to buy books for children then she saw some people practicing Falun gong and somebody asked her to practise together,she then began to practise Falun gong.
SUN Yanling was extravert and talktive, but when she began to pratise Falungong, she became more and more less talktive. In April 1999, SUN Yanling had a disease of hematemesis, she didn’t go to a hospital and she thought the symptoms were good because of Falun gong worked and the disease will be cured soon.
After spitting blood twice, Sun Yanling told her neighbors that her illness will be cured. Until the night she was dying, she still said she was ok, and she missed opportunity to go to the hospital for treatment. Sun Yanling finally died-- leaving his family which had thus been destroyed.

And the moral of this story is…?

From time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,165166,00.html :

"Li writes he can personally heal disease and that his followers can stop speeding cars using the powers of his teachings. He writes that the Falun Gong emblem exists in the bellies of practitioners, who can see through the celestial eyes in their foreheads. Li believes “humankind is degenerating and demons are everywhere” extraterrestrials are everywhere, too and that Africa boasts a 2-billion-year-old nuclear reactor. He also says he can fly. "

Sounds crazy! Are you saying it’s occult? Because I just might agree with you… Since a bunch of other sites apologeticsindex.org/f02.html (this one’s from a protestant viewpoint) seem to think so too.(look at the quotes from the leader… very new age-y :mad: )

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