A Trump presidency could add pressure on Canada's Defense spending


Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said Wednesday that meeting NATO’s spending target of two per cent of GDP — something that Canada agreed to in 2006 — is still under consideration . . .

Canada signed on to meeting that target but that promise looks disingenuous in retrospect. Canada’s spending comes in at just one per cent of GDP, or roughly $20 billion a year, a figure that many argue is simply too low to sustain a fine fighting force. Indeed, only five other countries of the 28 in NATO spend less . . .

“There is an over-reliance by the alliance as a whole on the United States for the provision of essential capabilities, including for instance, in regard to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; air-to-air refueling; ballistic missile defense; and airborne electronic warfare,” NATO officials wrote in a recent policy paper on national funding.


Hopefully, the days of making Uncle Sam write all of the checks for our Allies will come to an end, and I’m hoping the U.S. can use that money for improving the states’ roads and water systems.


If Trump makes good on his remarks about NATO, it will be awesome to watch the Europeans and the Canadians run their welfare states while actually having to be responsible for their own defense.

Socialism and the welfare state are cheap when you have a relatively free market country paying for your defense.


How much could horses and hats cost?


They’ll have to beef up the Moosehead line to keep us nasty 'muricans out!

Canada has the least to worry about of any nation of problems with America! Those crazy democrats will say anything (except the truth…) to win.


Well stated…:thumbsup:


Don’t forget the gold belts and shock sticks.


Fine by me.

If they want to be defended by the USA, they should merge with it.

If not, an additional 1% of their burgeoning economy shouldn’t even put a dent in their sparkling welfare state.



“Mom!” “There’s a bill collector at the door!”


All this criticism of Trump yet he’s the only candidate that is making this an issue.

How is wanting your friends to be strong and honor reasonable commitments a bad thing, a sign of fascism.


And if they say no, what is he gonna do, put up yet another wall?


har har
The RCMP are the federal police force, not the military.
Yes, we were on the right track with the Conservatives for a while there, but with the Liberals in power again, military spending is very unlikely to increase. Back during the two World Wars (both of which Canada joined from the onset, unlike our American neighbours), Canada’s military had a real positive impact. Things went downhill in the subsequent decades


Good - one more reason to vote for Trump.

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