A U.S. sailor delivered a baby at sea-in the middle of the ISIS war




Ummm, how did she not know she was pregnant? Bizarre.


Hurrah for female military personnel! They can serve their country in the war against extremist Islamic fascism and be mothers at the same time.


Military separations are difficult enough on families. It is not easy for spouses to complain about the allowance of women to be put on ships and submarines for fear of being accused of not trusting their spouse or loved one when they are deployed for long periods of time. I think most of our military leaders want to support the families and know that putting women in places like this is not a good idea for many reasons.


Because I a WOMAN…W O M A N :rolleyes: I know you are just being sarcastic, at least I hope you are :slight_smile:


You know, it can and does happen. Some people have issues that easily explain away pregnancy symptoms (or, say, no cycling), some don’t pay that much attention to their bodies, and women of all sizes may not show much. Some may also just be in denial.

Having been pregnant three times it’s mind boggling to me, too, but it does happen.


It is hard to believe that a young woman who is not obese could be carrying a full term, 7 pound baby and not know it. The Navy has weight and fitness guidelines for deployed personnel. Her superiors and shipmates didn’t notice?


I don’t get what you are trying to say.



Since she was born aboard the Eisenhower I think it would be cool if the baby was named Mamie.


Nah…a female form of “Ike”. Like “Ikette” or “Ikea”.


I was not condemning the fact that this happened. It may be dangerous for the baby though.


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