A variety of NFP ?s


if the cervix goes back to low/firm does that automatically mean no pregnancy?

where does the cervix sit during pregnancy? high and soft or low and firm or something else?

I’ve had cycles back since May (14 months PPM) at first they were very long with a leutel phase too short to sustain pregnancy. they have graduall shortened with a more normal leutel phase. but i’m still not having stretchy EWCF. if I’m having creamy/wet fluids but not stretchy fluids does that mean I can only get pregnant on the day of ovulation because the sperm won’t live long without the EWCF?



I think that because it’s not “perfect” EWCM, just means it will be a little more difficult, but so long as it’s ferning (microscope) it should not be “impossible” kwim? Have you tried taking robitussin? Just plain old guiafeneisin (sp?) nothing else - -it’s the robitussin with no letters after it (mucinex is also the same thign in extended release pill form, but I’ve never tried that) – couple of teaspoons of that a day might very well help with that problem…what it does is thin the mucosal secretions (in your nose, and everywhere else too) – I know many many people (including myself) who have seen a great increase in both the quality and quantity of EWCM after only a few days (start at the end of your period, if I were you).


Have you had your hormone levels checked? Especially progesterone. B6 helps lengthen the luteal phase and vitamin A has been known to increase cervical mucus. I’ve also read that robitussin has worked wonders for some. But eat plenty of baby carrots! :slight_smile:


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i’m actually not worried about it at all, because i figure it is God’s way of deciding if we’re ready or not. we’re going to wean around the 2nd bday giver or take a few months so i expect things to return to normal then

i was just suprised that several times we’ve not held to the NFP rules and i never ended up pregnant because i got pregnant so fast the first time.

thanks for your help and any more input is great.


any thoughts on the cervix ?s


[quote=spacecadet]any thoughts on the cervix ?s

in pregnancy, the cervix is long and closed and firm (or should be anyway)
In a multip (more than one pregnancy) they can be softer but should still be closed.
Toward the end they “soften” in preparation for labor and delivery.

As with all things however, there are exceptions. Women can go for weeks with soft, less firm, and dilated cervixes prior to delivery. Just remember, every woman, every pregnancy is different. Learn to ask questions of your OB, be they a midwife or a doctor. And if there is a concern about your pregnancy, ask THEM, NOT your neighbor, or your mom or your sister.

~ Kathy ~


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