A vent - Why the Catholic Church all the time? Go pick on someone else!

I have a slight vent. It always seems that the media and the world in general always have to get in a bunch over what the Catholic Church says or does about one thing or another. You never see them reporting on “The Hindus Have Decided to Promote XYZ - An Outrage!!” or “Jewish Leaders Have Proclaimed XYZ - Who Do They Think They Are?” or “Baptists State That Women XYZ - Women’s Groups in an Uproar!”

No - you never see this. But just stand back when the Catholic Church decides to do something, that really is no one else’s business but the Church and those who follow her. :rolleyes: The media go wild, headlines everywhere, and why? They don’t think we know anything, they think we are all mindless idiots blindly following a guy in a big white hat, they think we all oppress women — so why do they even give a darn about how we live our Faith, but don’t seem to care at all about any other religions in the same degree?

It makes me crazy. :hypno:

But at the end of the day I do know why - it is because we are right. And deep down in someone’s soul, they have to know that we are right, and it bugs the flippin’ daylights out of them, and so they have to be thorns in our sides because of it to make themselves feel better about living the lives they do.

It sure does get me going though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amen! :thumbsup: Many with a bible and an interpretive ego come here to straighten out that corrupt old anachronism, the “Roman” Church. Yes, they follow the leading of a spirit, but it cannot be the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit unites. The demon divides.

I assure you that if you were Episcopalian, you would feel like there is a target on your back too. It’s not just the Catholic Church that gets unfair attention. But, given that the Catholic Church represents the majority of Christians and that it is actually an organization that is, by itself, that big, it is reasonable to expect some criticism.

By contrast, there are about as many Muslims in the world as Catholics. But there are several major divisions of Muslims, and there are no organizations, other than the government of Iran, that in any way organize them the way the Catholic Church organizes its members.

It seems like everyday there is some news story on my yahoo news feed about the “newest scandal” that Catholic Church has gotten into… And everytime, the comments below are so horrible!

Sadly, the worst comments are not from atheists, but from our Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ! :frowning:

But yes, we know that the Bible tells us that we are gonna get picked on. sigh :crutches:

I really think you have this wrong. If the Catholic Church were insignificant, or lacking in unity, or morally bankrupt, the amount of attention it would get would be much less. But it is none of these things.

You Catholics should see these attacks as a sign of the strength of the Catholic church.

Take it from me. I’m an Episcopalian who, though kicking and screaming all the way, is drawn to the Catholic church. The problems the church is facing are daunting to me, and I admit it, but they do not deter me from a fair assessment of the church and its claims.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I do see the constant (and unrelenting) attacks on the Church as a sign of strength. It just gets frustrating after a while…

Because the Catholic Church has THE TRUTH … and they know it.

What is more, the Catholic Church is prohibited from shooting back. [If you criticize Islam, you will get your throat cut. But if you are Catholic, you OFFER your throat to BE cut.]

Oh trust me - I do get it. That’s why I said:

But at the end of the day I do know why - it is because we are right. And deep down in someone’s soul, they have to know that we are right, and it bugs the flippin’ daylights out of them, and so they have to be thorns in our sides because of it to make themselves feel better about living the lives they do.


Sad to say, but some of the worst of attacks against the Catholic Church are from people who have fallen away from it. As another poster said, it probably helps them to justify their position by trying to find fault with and drag down the Church. Maybe they don’t feel as guilty about leaving the church behind if they can find enough flaws in it. Am not sure which causes more harm: those who leave the church and then criticize it for all to see, or those who remain within the church but openly lend support to abortion and other issues that go against church teachings…

Amen! You are a truth seeker, and seeking the truth always involves some pain and anguish. Just as the evil one attacked our Lord by temptation, so also he always attacks Jesus’ Church, which is His body. The evil one must attack the Church Militant, which is Christ’s Body on earth, since the Church Suffering and the Church Triumphant are out of his reach. Because of this, his burning jealousy is kindled against the earthly Church. He sends spirits against her daily, and they do not sleep.

I offer prayers for your truth seeking.

true true

That is so true! Both the part about criticizing Islam and that some of the worst attacks are from those who have fallen away from the Church. Here’s a recent example of Catholic bashing: “Don’t talk to me about cartels or The Sopranos
The biggest mafia lives in the Vatican
With the trick of faith they screw all the people
They screw anyone who thinks differently” translation from Calle 13 a rap duo form Puerto Rico.

And amazing how many of them show up on this web-site! :eek:
Why? To argue? To convert any of us to some lesser religion or none at all? Has that ever worked?

IMHO it’s as you say… the more we follow Jesus, the more the devil pursues… :frowning:

So what do we do? We stand together, we stand for Jesus… :crossrc: or we fall for anything… :nope:

As your profile indicates… One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. :signofcross:


Yeah, ok, I was playin’ with the smilies!:smiley:

These people conviently forget all of the charity work the Church has done around the world and skips stright to the flaws, maginfied by the uproar of the media. It seems any news article today that has the word “rape” or “molest” in it involves Vatican. :shrug:

Because: THE WORLD HATE CHRISTIANS! I guess the Catholic Church is just more public than the others.

People hate Christians because they know we’re right: Christ is Lord. They also know our moral teachings are right- post that sex outside of marriage is wrong on a secular forum and see all the lame excuses you’ll get.

But Christians in general get attacked everywhere- notice how in some school kids have to say “winter holiday” instead of Christmas because it has the word Christ in it?

“The reason people make fun of Catholics is becasue they know we won’t kill you”:smiley: -Dennis Miller, comedian

Welcome to the forums, Sophie! And, you are right. The world hates the truth and we try our hardest to live it. We are blessed when we are hated because of His name.

:rotfl: :D: :slapfight:

So they just show up here to argue! One can only hope a few go away having learned something… then there are those with the big egos who just want to spout off! :rolleyes:

At least here an atheist will try to make a civil argument. On youtube, facebook, or in real life, they just take the “I’m smart, you’re stupid, end of story” approach.

This is another obvious one, but most anti-Catholic feelings come from asinine notions and myths. Fulton J. Sheen said something about that.

Well they hate the Catholics just like they hate the Jews of old, because they feel morally inferior ( Its an inferiority complex that is well deserved) or they feel contemptuous of the hypocracy of Catholics who dont live like christians.

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