A very interesting analysis

I see this article for what it was intended.Progeressive anti Trump spin on his presidency. No doubt will be embraced by those mired in TDS.
However for those who have realized the benefits of his tenure,including anti Trunpster’s it will be seen for what it is.:roll_eyes:

Can you point out the FACTUAL errors in the article? The intent of the authors is irrelevant. Only the facts matter.

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The author repeatedly fails to support his broad assertions.

The only truth in it is that Trump has galvanized progressives, but we already knew about TDS.

So you could have an easy task to point out the factual errors, AND present the support for your analysis.

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More importantly, Trump has damaged the Republican Party, dragging down a lot of good moderate conservatives with him. He is doing for the Republican Party what AOC is doing for the Democratic Party.


Obama presided over the longest economic expansion,wrong!
Trump called all immigrants rapists,wrong!
This are but a few that jumped out.
The notion that he has inspired the ,leftist progressives since taking office is also a lie.
They were on his case even before he was sworn in or really even elected.
Unless you have been living in a cave or a alternate universe the past three years,these facts should be abundantly clear.


He has discredited core conservative beliefs,

This was the essential assertion beyond trump galvanizing liberals. It wasn’t supported.

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Can’t be done because there are no facts in the article. It’s all just opinions of the author stated as conclusions without factual foundation.

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"Trump is doing what Obama couldn’t"

The author of the article states:

And yet I wonder today if I and others drew the wrong lesson from his election. Maybe the deep, systemic changes that so many yearn for couldn’t come through his temperate, “No Drama Obama” approach. Maybe real change only comes through chaos and crisis – [Trump’s leadership style.](https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/08/politics/trump-chaos-theory-gloria-border-column/index.html)

The writer is correct that Obama couldn’t do what Trump does.
Because Obama was breaking down barriers as the first black president and therefore, affecting a deep change in the system in and of itself.

Please fellow CA posters, do not take offense to what I am about to say.

Trump is a catalyst because his white privilege granted him the opportunity to challenge deeply held conservative beliefs since President Reagan’s time in office. Trump is allowed to Tweet whatever he wants to say because his “race (white)” automatically gives him the right to.

Even as a black president, Obama wasn’t automatically granted that right. He had to stay within the lines of civility, be respectful, and not cause “drama”. Trump is allowed his own identity outside of POTUS; Obama wasn’t. Obama was expected to maintain the status quo and behave like the POTUS when he was in office.


I wonder what do you call facts? Whatever Sean Hannity says?

I the no Trump is able to say what he thinks and act on issues because he isn’t a career politician,owned by any big interest groups.The color of his skin has nothing to do with it.

Rather than go back and forth, why not simply post a few from the article?

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You are deflecting for a very poorly written ‘article’

I gave you my example, show me where I missed he supported his main assertion " He (Trump) has discredited core conservative beliefs,"

I respectfully disagree.
if we say that President Trump can speak his mind because he isn’t owned by big interest groups as a career politician, we have to apply this same reasoning to President Obama.

President Obama was a first year senator that hadn’t even completed his first term in office when he resigned to become president. Obama was not a career politician. If we look at history, President Trump had more political influence supporting various politicians than Obama did. Trump was a Hillary supporter longer than he was opposed to her.

Obama could not freely speak his mind because his position as the first black president prevented him from doing so. I stand by that.

One thing I absolutely give Trump credit for though is from his presidency forward, I do believe that a black male president will be able to say what is on his mind. I think Trump has opened that door for future presidents.

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You know that would be a good thing.Honesty from our politicians rather than always pointing their finger in the air to see which direction the wind is blowing👍

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Hannity? Of course not. He’s a pundit, an opinion person.

A “fact” is something that is objectively true, independent of the opinion of the subject delivering it.
So if I say 2+2=4, that’s a “fact” because it’s objectively true no matter what I or anyone else thinks about it.
But if I say “Hillary Clinton should lose weight” that’s an opinion because it may not be objectively true. It’s not a “fact”.

The article, as I said, is all opinion, no actual “facts”.

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Just wondering,do you think HC needs to lose weight?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really have to disagree with this. David Duke is also white, but he certainly doesn’t have the right (morally speaking) to say whatever he thinks. Anybody in the U.S. has the legal right to say what he thinks unless it’s a direct threat of bodily harm to someone else. If Barack Obama didn’t say what he thought about things, it’s his fault alone if the information would have been instructive or useful.

I think you also misjudge “conservative beliefs”. They’re not unified at all. Trump is a conservative, but of a particular sort. Richard Lowry is a conservative of a different sort. George W. Bush is a conservative of yet another sort.

Speaking frankly, I think Trump is a unique character in American politics. He’s outspoken to an extreme. A certain segment of the population will support him even so, because he strikes a populist chord that much of the population was ready for. But another politician might make himself even more hated than Trump is if he does the same thing. It has nothing to do with “white privilege”. It’s “position privilege”.

I’m being absolutely frank in saying “I don’t know”. She appears overweight, but some people are naturally obese and get less healthy if they try to go down to some weight that’s usually considered proper. I know an NP who did her thesis on that subject, and it was interesting.

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