A very Powerful Prayer to Obtain a Favor


A very Powerful Prayer to Obtain a Favor

O great Passion! O deep Wounds! O Blood
shed in abundance! O meekness! O God of
meekness, O cruel death, have mercy on me
and grant my request if it be for my salvation.

**Promises of Our Lord**

"I will grant all that shall be asked of Me
through the invocations of my Holy Wounds."

"With my Wounds and my Divine Heart 
you can obtain all."


"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of 
Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls."

"My Jesus, pardon and mercy, by the merits
of Thy Holy Wounds."

Scapular Guild 
P.O. Box 4651
Philadelphia, PA 19127

* On the bottom of the picture it states, 

"I looked for one that would comfort Me, and I found none."


Thank you! I was just asking for something important! This came at a great time.


Dear goforgoal,

Thank you for posting that prayer, and also the picture: I’ve never seen one so intense. Could you please tell me who the artist is?


prayerchanges & Spiritu, You’re welcome. I don’t really know how to explain myself but sometimes I just *know * when someone needs a Prayer. The following Prayer is actually on the back of the picture of Our Lord. I’m not really sure who the artist is of Our Lord. I actually gave the prayer card to my mom. I received it the first time along with another picture when I wrote the Scapular Guild a letter. They hand out FREE brown scapulars.

Scapular Guild
Perpetual Adoration
P.O. Box 4651
Philadelphia, PA 19127

God bless,


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