A very silly request

I know this will sound silly, but could I ask for prayers for a short trip I am making this weekend? I don’t travel very much, and this time I’m travelling alone, driving about 4 or 5 hours by myself on Friday, and back home again on Sunday. And I’m feeling a bit nervous.

I know that Our Lord will be with me, but I’d like to ask for prayers for a safe journey, and also for the courage to fully trust in Him, and to stop being such a silly goose :o

I know this is very minor compared to most of the prayer intentions here, but if anyone could spare a quick prayer for me, I’d be so grateful!

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

This is not silly. I will gladly say prayers for your safety. :gopray:

I pray for your safety in your travel, and that God will always be with you.

I pray for your safe journey and peace in making it! God bless you!:thumbsup:

Not silly at all, I myself really don’t like long road trips. Even if I’m not the driver!

My prayers for a safe trip :crossrc:

Thank you all for your prayers, it really does mean a lot.

I’m leaving in just a few minutes, and I’m feeling much calmer today. CAF’ers are the best :slight_smile:


praying for travelling mercies…

I can understand your concern and I dont think it is silly at all…keeping you in prayer and may The Lord richly bless you with abundant Grace to forever trust Him in all things…great to hear that you are leaving home in a peaceful state…giving thanks…

Blessings - Barb

This is not a silly request. I have never driven myself anywhere alone longer than 40mins either so I would be asking for prayers as well. :o it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

You have my prayers :gopray:

:signofcross: Praying :amen:

Praying for peace and safety as you travel this weekend.:signofcross:

Praying for you. :gopray:

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