A very very poor joke

This is clearly some kind of hoax or publicity stunt. It is all over the internet today. More proof that Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice.



Wow that is in ridiculously poor taste. :eek:

If it was just a bunch of college-age kids doing this I wouldn’t be surprised, but I can’t believe that middle-aged adults took part, and that they let children be a part of such a disrespectful display.

That is just terrible and not even funny!

I should be upset but it made me laugh, because I can sadly think of a few cultural Catholics that would use such a system for their children religious education.

It’s not even a real game, it’s just plain abuse. What would happen if this was a joke about muslims? It just wouldn’t happen! They wouldn’t have the nerve to do it!

Y’know what? I was actually thinking the same thing at first. The biggest customers they would have would probably be catholics!

It’s not a real game guys!

I checked Amazon.com and searched the “Games” title and came up with no results and on the site it says the game is on pre-order but it didn’t show up on Amazon. :wink:

It’s just some other idiot trying to mock us Catholics! :mad:

I have to admit though, it would be nice to have more moralistic games, but NOT like that one! :mad:

Let’s just keep praying the Rosary guys! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

God Bless!

dare I suggest it, the ultimate in home schooling for RE

I guarantee you I will have at least one parent who takes this seriously and asks me about it, and at least one confirmation student who sees the joke and will ask me about it.

LOL - Don’t buy it anyone! …I’m sure it’s not real anyway but you never know these days! :smiley:

…gives me ideas though, we could do one based on the LDS or protestant church!

That is what first popped into my mind if it were “Mosque: we pray” or “Synagogue: we pray”. There would be such an outcry.

I know, in turn though we too should have some right to our beliefs. This is a sick joke and is just plain disrespectful and should even be illegal to publish. What a disgrace.

You could do one based on a Quaker Meeting for Worship…wouldn’t be as “interactive” as the Catholic version.:slight_smile:

…sounds good to me, but what do you do at mass?

Interesting how the cross only glows when there is only one person in the whole room. :hmmm:

This video speaks badly of christians, if the children knew what the narrator was saying all that time.

What do you mean?

Who, what, where, when?!?

The children were not old enough to have the objections to catholic practices that the video attempted to highlight.

They did a real game years ago for the Super Nintendo called Bible Stories - it’s one of the worst ever video games and always appears when anyone does a top ten of bad computer games.

The Bible itself has plenty of stories that could be used in creating really epic games but most game developers would steer clear I think. A few games I cant think of have used Bible quotes or had themes loosely inspired by Christianity but considering how much of a folk devil some people have made out of some PC and console games over the years the developers know the controversy might cause them real harm. Mind you saying that in Japanese games you do get some er, strange versions of the Church at times, nuns in kinky costumes and all but Japan is not a nominally Christian nation like the US or Europe and thus what is normal to us is ‘exotic’ there and vice versa. Some games that sell here are censored in Japan for example - one recent game removed a plotline about destroying a town with a nuclear bomb when released in Japan.

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