A vision in a dream

This happened about six years ago, around this time of the year.

I went to bed as normal, I rarely consume alcohol and hadn’t this night, don’t do drugs or was not on any medication, I have no psychological issues, just outlining the circumstances.

I had a dream/vision, it was like no other dream I ever had. It was so clear, the colours so clear and the sound in this dream. I don’t ever hear things in dreams but in this one everything was clear.

The dream was as follows, it was in the late evening, still bright, a summer’s evening. I could hear a humming noise coming from the south so I went into one of my fields where I see what was making the noise. The southern sky was filled with war planes dropping bombs, they got louder and louder as they approached and were dropping bombs on the houses of my neighbours. I was in an exposed place looking on in disbelief when a bomb was dropped close to where I was.
I felt myself dying as I lay badly injured on the ground, I then experienced God in my presence as I passed from this life, then with a shock I woke up.

I haven’t shared this vision/dream with my family/friends or people I know as it might distress them
I live in a very peaceful country, southern Ireland and I don’t watch war films so it made me think.
It has been on my mind ever since it happened, not in a bad way as I know I have to die sometime.
I feel we are heading towards a world war, I did that year after the dream and then 9/11 happened, 13 days before my first foreign trip which was to New York, 9/11 happened about three and a half months after the dream.

Recently at mass when the book of revelation were part of the readings the priest made a comment during the sermon. He simply said some believe we are coming into the period for the book of revelation.

I know in the bible there are cases of dreams/visions of the future. Is it wrong for me to believe I have seen a vision of the future which includes my own death?

I want to apologise as I am new and I should have read the rules fully. I see rule content number 6 makes my post inappropriate and I am sorry.

For me, normally, I would not try to think so much about the dream and try interpret it. I would try to think of something positive out of it.

For instance, in your case, I would just say to myself - be ready because my day can come any time - pray, pray and pray…and be good. :slight_smile: That’s about all I would do.

I would not worry over it, but I would not dismiss it either. God speaks to us in ways that He knows will get our attention. Ask Him about it!!

as I have stated on 3 earlier posts in the last couple of hours, private visions are a banned topic. the proper forum to discuss such an experience is with one’s spiritual director or confessor, not here.

Is it wrong for me to believe I have seen a vision of the future which includes my own death?

Thank you for reading the forum rules!

While the great detail you went into was probably extraneous, your ultimate question is an appropriate topic for discussion. That a personal experience is an integral part of that question means that you may reference it to provide understanding.

What is banned by the forum rules is the promotion of personal revelations or the offering of them for others to accept or believe.

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