A Vision while Christ was in the belly of the earth.


I had a vision one night this year on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. It was very unusual for my region, but it snowed quite heavily. I’m 100% certain this vision came directly from The Holy Spirit. The first thing that appeared was a vast flowing yet constant geometrical design. Second was a man possessed by a demon being tortured 100’s of years ago when less was known in Europe about Mental Illness; there was an electric power keeping me from the demon possesed’s pain itself.

Then came very vivid and profound images of the inside of a house. A wheel chair, as if filled with great need for someone to sit in it and searching to and fro for a host, was trapped in a room by two closing doors which were the only exits to the room. And also I saw ‘The Prince Of The Earth’, a vast mobile figure covered with morphing tiger’s hair which was gradually trickling onto my feet until I walked away from it with bowed head and stiff stride. Once all the morphing tiger’s hair was on my feet ‘The Prince Of The Earth’ became a motionless stone.

The Holy Spirit also showed me which sins were my strongest, hence the ones I should work on and pray to God over, and explain that a great period of depression will come in my future.



Do not post material from unapproved private revelations.

Material from unapproved private revelations include:
Visions you’ve had
Messages God asked you to transmit
Messages from Bayside
Messages from Medjugorje


Not to be too down on you Clovis, but unloud is quite correct, it’s against forum policy to discuss this type of private visions/revelations.


Sorry; I observed other people unload somethings they preceived as visions, so I thought I would tell of one I had, didn’t mean offense. :o


No offense taken here. I’m sorry if I may have seemed a little terse, I was just trying to be on point and the rule is there for a reason I think :slight_smile:



I can’t fully explain what I saw anyway. Just thought it would interest a few of the mystics on this site! :wink:


Fair enough :slight_smile:

But the rule is there, reasonable or not you agreed to abide by it when you signed up.


Won’t do it again. :frowning:


:console: just wouldn’t wanna see you get slapped on the wrist li’l buddy :nope:


the proper forum is to discuss something you think was a vision, or something that happened to you because you believe you are a mystic, is with a spiritual director or confessor, not here, for reasons previously stated.

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