A Visitor goes undercover at arch-Fundamentalist Peter Ruckman's "church"

This brave young man obviously had a good time. Read outloud, it’s hilarious.

  1. Research.
    I realized that I knew next to nothing about Ruckman. Most of what I knew was hearsay and much of it was negative. I decided to learn what I could about him. Like a good college student, I went to Wikipedia. I found that Ruckman is a WWII veteran. My respect for him increased from nothing all the way up to a miniscule but nevertheless measurable amount. Near the end of the article I found that Ruckman believes that African-Americans have lower IQs than Caucasians, there are three types of aliens with different color blood and that the CIA runs a secret underground alien breeding farm. My respect for Ruckman returns to baseline. Ruckman is known for his bad attitude, which he calls Truth With An Attitude. At his bookstore I saw several sermon compilations from the Bad Attitude Baptist Campmeeting. He is best known for his stance on the King James Version


Now if someone could go “undercover” to Jack Chick’s church. :cool:

He was introduced to Ruckman by a man named Hoot Gibson. (Sometimes stereotypes are true).

I laughed for five minutes on that one alone.
You can’t make this stuff up.

Haha! I wanna go there. Better yet let’s all visit Hoot’s church!

While your there (the blog linked above) check out
Punching You in the Throat, Giving You a Bad Tattoo, and Ogling Your Cleavage and scroll down to the comment by StAthanatiusPrayForMe and the comments following that. :smiley:

Funny comments. Most wouldn’t be allowed here.

Ruckman had his own Chick-like comics back in the day. If you can imagine comics WORSE :eek: than Chick’s, that gives you an idea of how bad they were. The artwork looked like something you would see scrawed on the walls of a rubber room. :eek:

ever try praying for conversion instead of ridicule :rolleyes: :shrug:

Oh My!!!

There are even ultra-fundamentalists who shy away from this guy. He in no way represents Protestants in any fashion. A claim Ruckman would agree with since he believes Baptists date all the way back to a fella named John (no relation to Hoot Gibson). His brand of fundamentalism stands as a warning to all who go down his road. This is where you end up.

So why are we giving this guy the attention? The fewer that hear about him the better, IMO.

I agree that attention to some people is not the best path.

But then I think its sobering for people of faith to realise what others who call themselves Christian believe and hold fast to.

Cross Dressing saints?

PS Hesitate to ask but… who is Jack Chick?

Cross Dressing saints?

Hmmm, good question.
Maybe its because a good portion of people in his congregation are made up of former poorly catechized Catholics.
Maybe because he feeds on ignorance and exploits the gullible.
Maybe it’s the children, who when they grow up, will have no interest in any religion at all.
Maybe it’s the old people taken advantage of, giving their pensions away to crooks like this.
Maybe it’s the lies he spreads.
Should we ignore Jack Chick? Or are we required to “give an answer” when Christ’s name is dragged through the mud. Should we ignore Richard Dawkins?
Although this article is written with tongue-in-cheek, there is a dark undertone to this kind of sick, insane, fundamentalism. They parody themselves. And they should be exposed
If you ever saw the damage these people do, to families, to churches, to neighborhoods, to children, you would scream your opposition from the rooftops.

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