A Vocation to Sanctity


Hi CAFers!

I was watching this video: youtube.com/watch?v=LjAXlpY65LA about vocations, and it stirred up a thought…is discerning a vocation really just discerning what the best path is to sanctity?

Thank you for your thoughts! God bless!


I think that’s a good way of putting it. We ARE all called to sanctity, and following our vocation is the best way to achieve that sanctity.


Yes… and no.:smiley: Discernment is about finding what God’s will is for us, precisely because that is what the best path to sanctity is. If we were simply discerning the best path to sanctity, we would all be monks/nuns, because objectively they are the safest path to self sanctification. :shrug:

The problem with doing so is that (in a way) it assumes we know all of the variables and outcomes, which, obviously, we do not. :o

I admit it’s an interesting insight, though.:thumbsup:


I watched the short video, and in my opinion, this young priest is 100% correct. Our primary vocation on this earth is to holiness, i.e., sanctity. Obviously this is slightly simplifying it, but it’s true - generally, the question we should ask ourselves before making any decision, especially decisions which have huge implications on the rest of our life such as pursuing a priestly vocation, a religious vocation, or a vocation to marriage, is what the priest said - is this how God is calling me to live out my primary vocation to holiness? Is this what will lead me to be the holiest person I can be in this life, and therefore be who God created me to be?

I made this discovery myself somewhat recently, so again, I 100% agree with this priest!


I think I would disagree with this. I mean, I think I agree with your first sentence, but I don’t think your second sentence necessarily/logically follows. Not everyone is called to live out their primary vocation to holiness as a monk or nun, so anyone who is not called to do so will not be the holiest person God created them to be if they did it anyway. Someone who did that would probably not be happy anyway and would discern out of the convent/monastery. So, I think it does not follow that every single person’s individual sanctity can only be fully realized as a nun or monk. We all have our individual strengths God has given us, and God wills us to know these strengths (and weaknesses) so that we can best discern how to be the holiest we can be. Not everyone has the strengths/talents God gives to those who are called to be nuns and monks, and this is not a bad thing!


I don’t think we’re in disagreement here lol. :popcorn:

Also, I don’t know why I didn’t watch the video the first time, but I’ve talked to Fr. Kuzma at the seminary a few times. He’s quite a humble and holy man.


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