A Vocation

When I was young, I would pretend I was a Priest. My Grandmother even gave me fake vestments to play with. I went on several retreats with the Jesuits for the purpose of discernment years ago, but a long relationship threw me off that path. Now, I’m starting to consider it again. I admire the Discalced Carmelites and the Jesuits and I’m not sure how to proceed with my discernment. In any case, I also have scruples and other issues to work out before I could pursue a vocation. May I ask for prayers?

Of course, prayers for you. :signofcross:

Be sure to post this in the Prayer Intentions section.

God bless you. :blessyou:

Prayers for discernment said. May God guide you in working out your issues with scruples and other issues as needed.
Peace in Christ,

I’ll pray for you coming from one discerning to the priesthood (God willing the Jesuits)

I’d read How to listen when God is talking to you by Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ,
pray and pray and get involved at your parish.

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