A voice in my head?

Let me preface these questions by saying I am not crazy, psychotic or mentally ill in anyways…so a “go to a psychologist” is not where I’m looking for here.

We talk about hearing Jesus “speak” to us and being “guided” by the Holy Spirit. How exactly can this idea manifest? I can honestly say that I do hear “voices” in my head that are often short sentences with a specific point. These ARE NOT auditory hallucinations at all. Just thoughts. I cannot for the life of me figure out which “voices” are my internal voice or if it is possibly supernatural. Does God whisper to us in our minds or is this wishful thinking manifested as a conscious thought?

On the other side of the coin, I have had thoughts or “voices” that seem deeply demonic, beyond my own mind or will. Prayer usually eliminates the event but these thoughts seem supernatural as well. The same questions apply here as well. The only difference is the demonic seeming thoughts or voice seem dramatically more aggressive towards me and often evoke a sense of sadness or fear…as I would expect such thoughts to be. An atheist would say all this is just “in my head.” What do we say? How can we decern or know? Basically the seemingly “God voice” manifests as a whisper or a gentle suggestion or word. The dark or “demonic” voice seems like a shout or a series or angry or frightening images, even a mockery of my prayers or Godly thoughts.

Again, please assist me with the assumption that I am not “hearing voices” in a mental illness and do not suffer from schizophrenia.

I experience the same phenomena! No, it’s not psychotic, but result of spirits. These spirits can be from the Holy Spirit or from the evil one. The latter is how temptations work.

How do you know it is not your own internal voice? When do you “listen” to a voice?

I’m not too sure there is such a thing as my own inner voice. I listen to all inner voices, but act on only those I consider virtuous.

Also, I find that quieting the mind enhances the effect of “hearing” these voices. Things like TV has a negative effect on the voices. Listening to the endless rant of mundane voices also has a negative effect on the truly spiritual voices.

Do the voices have a different voice than your own. Do they sound different.

What specific things have you heard?

No, cease and desist from listening to any of these voices. This is danger.
Focus your mind on the scripture and pray the prayers in the bible and don’t turn
your attention to any inner voices. That is trouble in the making…
God is not going to speak to you like that.
It says in the O.T. that God will speak to you in your dreams if necessary but even that is rare.
God is too busy to be putting thoughts in people’s heads, the devil does that.

God gave us his life, and we have the bible to go with. Just stick with that. Be safe, don’t be sorry.

The inner voice is like a reading of my thoughts. One needs to get beyond the “self” which is a great evil. The self, which is reflective consciousness, needs to be identified and eliminated.

This inner voice has told me that there really is a hereafter, that technology flows from some kind of underworld, and that this world has a lot of evil that most people don’t realize (like our thoughts being controlled). Each revelation appears not as a simple thought, but as a set of thoughts that are read to me. For example, the revelation about an underworld first asked me if I had the innate wit to figure out how to mass produce simple boxes of toothpicks. The “voice” than asked me to look around at everything that is mass produced and whether there was enough innate wit amongst us to have things come about.

I suggest talking with a priest about this. When I think I kind of “talk” to myself too, but these are odd thoughts you are having; they smell of the devil’s handiwork.

Odd thoughts to you maybe, but not to me. Why does anything out of the ordinary get attributed to Satan?

St. Igantius of Loyola called it: Discerning the Spirits. Just know the title.
What is it inside you?:

*]antihippy79 number one (A1)
*]antihippy79 number 2 (A2)
*]messages from angels
*]messages from our beloved onw who departed
*]the devils
*]finally GOD

Sister Lucia, one of the Fatima Seers, she saw Our Lady, she heard Our Lady speaking and after 13/10/1917, she never saw or heard Our Lady directly. she said something very interesting. I wondered if all she said came from the Virgin Mary. But, she said that in prayer and remember she lived 90 years and she was 12 at the time of apparitions, in prayer, she could not distinguish as well what was Our Lady’s from what was Hers.

So, even for a Lady Blessed as She was as a This-World-Saint she had trouble seeing and hearing God in the midst of psychological “fog”.

God is our Foundation. He created us and we cannot be happy outside Him. Period.

The devil is a bastard. He has no horns and does not wear black an red and does not use the fork (?). He disguises in the most inocuous things. He is clever as the devil but always leaves the tail showing. We are not strong enough for him, but we have got our personal BodyGuard, our Guardian Angel who is stronger than the Devil.

Our beloved one are with us. I am absolutely sure. An old cousin of mine was dying. All of a sudden, she rose form the bed, opened her arms watching the ceiling and said: “Oh Granny Elisabeth!” and died. The name was changed but the fact is veridic and witnessed by 3 persons. My cousin was the “goodest” person I ever met in by life. Child Orphan, she married a deppressed man and I never saw but a smile in her face. There she was her Granny, that none of us knew, in front of the queue to the the first to receive her.

Now, you have A1 and A2. A1 is you. A2 is your reflection in the mirror. Reflection, reflect, think.

A1 - You must get up to go to work!
A2 - But I am so tired!
A1- Get up fast otherwise you will miss the train and next will be overloaded!
A1 - More 5 minutes in bed!
A2 - Stupid! You will miss the deadline!

Sometimes you hearing a “pick speaker” talking with no consideration for you and then A2 says inside “Stupid and lousy girl!”; and A1 sayd loudly “very nice!” and nods with the head.

Look, I am not schizofrenic either…

Lisa, if a voice tells me to pray or go to church and pray for someone, why would I ignore it?

Very interesting response. Thank you. With so many voices…it sure is crowded in this tiny brain of mine!

Mine is the same.
Wait, theoretically, it is like that.
But, how to discern when it is God who moves us ? He is, like a philosopher said: “The God of Silence”. He makes things we think that it is ours but it id God’s. Remember Peter to Jesus: “You are the Son of God!”. But Jesus said: “You say so, but it is not yours for it is My Father Who is Heaven Who tols you so”. And there is a midrash in the Old Testament (OT) that says that Elijah was looking for God. Then came a big thinder. But God was not in the thunder. Then came big storm but God was not in the sorm. Then came a sweet breeze and Gos was on the breeze. Meaning: God is Poweful He does not need big human powers, he shows with the little shepherds in Fatima, Lourdes and Guadaloupe and in the weakest of our brothes who suffer. So, distinguish Gos, boy…

I am not good at distinguishing the devil but e makes more noise. He is smart. In literature, Devil is associated with women (remember Eva) for th woman is a tempation for man. I am not saying that I say what written-by-man-scriptures said. Maybe: if there written by women, would it the devil be male? I hate the bastard but have trouble finding him. Rule of Thumb: he is against God, so every willing (repeat ) willing action agains God, he should be there.

I love my Gardian Angel but he has been mistreat by me. I dont pray to him as I should. I must change things. Nations have their angels. There was fade in music with angels and some people see angels everywhere which I find too much. But a devotion to them is deserved with a prayer in the morning and at night.

Finally A1 and A2 you studied in High School wit Freud and Carl Jung. From insconscient come thebasic instinct, the creation, the original ideas, but also all the traumas, dirt and so on.We shoul let it go (that is why impure thoughts are not sin) and then teh conscient (A - responsable andlogic) chooses what is convenient or not.

I was worried that you foound this a stupidity but your reaction was lovely.

I sometimes hear God or the Virgin Mary talk to me. They speak very briefly, without warning and very quiet, still and serene. It’s like dipping your finger gently into water and seeing the ripples smoothly create and spread. When God or the Virgin Mary speaks, They only say what they want to say; They do not answer questions or elaborate when asked for clarification or explanation of meaning. I don’t hear Them with my ears: I hear Them deep inside me, in my heart and/or soul.

I also hearing Satanic voices. Once I heard terrifying creepy whispers booming around a chapel, outside of my head. This I could hear with my ears and couldn’t understand why no one else heard the same thing. The whisperings weren’t in English. They kinda reminded me of Harry Potter Parseltongue, except I couldn’t understand or communicate with this. I have also heard Satan tell me things, pretending to be God or Jesus. This often happens in religious buildings. Satan is also determined to get me away from God and to kill myself. He has nearly succeeded twice :frowning:

I am being treated for psychosis (not saying you’re psychotic though, OP) but my psychiatrist is baffled about what’s happening to me. He has conceded that there is probably a spiritual element to it and for that reason, I have additionally been placed under the care of two priests.

I truly believe in the spirit realm and that it is possible to hear God’s voice, if we listen hard enough :slight_smile:

Because Satan is the ruler of this world. At least according to Jesus…

In the name of Jesus…I rebuke all evil spirits.

But we are temples of the Holy Spirit! Surely the Holy Spirit speaks to us!

I think when God speaks to us, it’s more in our heart and it’s accompanied by graces, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit… also afterwards, there is joy and peace. After the voice of the enemy, even if it’s disguised as an “angel of light”, there is sadness, guilt, etc. (this is what St Padre Pio said). The only time we might feel anxiety after hearing God’s voice is perhaps if we say no to Him regarding something… I don’t know.

I once read that approximately 25% of the population hears voices.

Generally the messages are not problematic and people do not seek help and rarely mention it.

I hear them. I don’t know their origin.

In the United Kingdom it’s 4%, so lower than that. It is, however, the same amount of people who have asthma :slight_smile:

The most prudent thing to do is test the where the spirit is from is through prayer.Discern and ask your Guardian Angel and Our lady to help you in this.Pray a novena to the Holy spirit, when in doubt to where the voices are from. Holy hours are a great way to get closer to God,and you will find great consolation & know that God is close.

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