A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Satan

What are your thoughts on this?


It’s complete nonsense. Mormons are heretics, but there is no reason why a heretic (or a non-Christian) should not be President.

I actually thought Sharpton’s remark was rather funny and not particularly obnoxious. I don’t think it was in the same category as Keller’s comments.


Romney is one of my top choices. We will see how thing go.

As for comments against Romney, it is nothing but fear mongering on both extremes.

Why is Romney one of your top choices? My problem with him is not that he’s a Mormon, it’s that he seems to lack principles, especially with regard to abortion.

What is wrong with Sam Brownback? Why does no one take him seriously? I just don’t understand this. People say “well, he can’t win.” But that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some candidates “can’t win” in the sense that they couldn’t possibly rally enough voters behind them because of their extremism. But I don’t think that is true of Brownback. He’s conservative, but he’s not a knee-jerk conservative. I think he could appeal to a lot of people if given the chance.


Brownback is currently my top choice. The thing is, will he make it to the primaries.

We interrupt this thread for a necessary reminder: Please keep the discussion on topic.

The discussion of Romney vs Brownback or anyone else for that matter is not on the table.

Al Sharpton’s comments as noted in the article, Bill Keller’s response, and your reactions to the cited article are.

Thank you. :nerd:

This type of rhetoric reminds me of a time when people believed a Catholic President would lead America to Rome. No one should judge leadership quality by religious terms. Although it does have great importance, to publicly deny someone the presidency simply because of their religious belief is bad for democracy.

A vote for Romney could not possibly be a vote for Satan as Satan’s other name is Hillary Clinton.:rotfl:



Here is the link to the controversial Bill Keller “Daily Devotional”:

Keller makes clear that he was advised not to write the piece, which is anti-Mormon more than it is anti-Romney. But he sees Romney’s candidacy as part of a broad Mormon Agenda to mainstream itself and so mis-lead “millions of souls to the eternal flames of hell!!!”

That sounds like the statement of a real good Catholic!

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