A Walk Through the Eucharist With Fr. Barron


The entire story of the Christian Bible – creation, the fall, the formation of Israel, the Passover to freedom, the vision of Isaiah’s holy mountain, the gracious table fellowship of Jesus, the Last Supper, the eschatological banquet — is made present to us at the Mass. The Eucharistic liturgy of the church sums up and re-expresses the history of salvation, culminating in the meal by which Jesus feeds us with his very self. What I would like to do in is to walk through the Mass with this complex motif of the sacred meal in mind, demonstrating how the various features and elements are on vivid display in the liturgy.

You can find it all here.

Fr. Barron taught me quite a lot about the Catholic faith when I was still exploring it. I am subscribed to his YouTube channel, and watch his videos when he uploads them (and some of them multiple times). His work and Dr. Peter Kreeft’s work certainly helped nourish the intellectual aspects of my faith (of course, nothing beats the Catechism, but a philosophy professor loyal to Rome and a loyal priest certainly can’t hurt either!).

The specific project you referenced looks exciting, to be honest. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to read it. I shall, however, bookmark it so I can read it after my Latin exam tomorrow! :slight_smile: Tomorrow is looking better and better (I really like Latin and discourses on Church teaching, especially enlightening ones).

Have you ever seen this one? I’ve posted it more than once but anyone who gets to see it for the first time is usually thrilled – as I was.

Father Robert Barron is a wonderful evangelist. I often suggest his videos and sermons to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I find that for those of us who share the faith he is able to take complex matters and not only make them more easily understood but also relate them well to everyday life. Likewise I feel he is intelligent enough and worldly enough (in the sense that he understands the world, versus the negative form of being “worldly”) to reach out to those who are indifferent or even hostile to Catholicism. He’s wonderful at dispelling the misconceptions and prejudices against the faith. He helps to show my non-Catholic friends that our faith is indeed a deep, intelligent, and fully Christian faith.

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