A win for common sense!



A woman has won a lawsuit against her employer due to discrimination and pressure to perform same sex ceremonies!!


I don’t agree.

If I was refused service somewhere because I was Catholic (because I had view different views than their particular religion), I wouldn’t like it at all.

To me, it’s about treating fellow human beings with the same respect and non-discrimination you would expect.


Excellent news.:thumbsup:


Gwacker - it has nothing to do with respect and everything to do with not wanting to participate in a union which goes against god marrying same sex couples is against the catholic faith and no one should be forced to do it.

They werent disrespectful they gave those ceremonies to another person to perform similarly catholic adoption agencies send same sex couples to other agencies.

No one should be forced to perform a marriage ceremony they dont agree with!


Wonderful news! I hope this is the first step to get rid of this hideous poplitical correctness that has poisoned the country for the past 20 years, let’s get back to good common sense and Christian values!


First, I think you mean get back to Catholic values…not Christian values.

This is why I find separation of church and state vital.

Things evolve, including religions (usually just a lot slower than the rest of the world)…

For example…The theory of evolution used to be unacceptable in the Catholic church, but not anymore. Women are now being allowed to take some leadership roles in the Catholic church, whereas a century ago that would have meant certain damnation in their eyes. Eventually women will be ordained, even though you can take literal passages from the Bible that say women shouldn’t have any leadership role over a man.

Religions aren’t infallible, so sometimes it’s good to use your own common sense.

Perhaps Monday when I go back to work I’ll tell my female boss that I don’t have to do what she tells me because I’m “getting back to good common sense and Christian values.” :wink:


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