A Woman of Independent Means

By Connie Lynne Carrillo

“…Why would such an accomplished American woman be so savagely and viciously trashed and dishonored by the liberal elites and the left-wing Democratic Party? Not only trashed, but insulted, bad-mouthed, ridiculed and humiliated. What does a girl have to do to win the accolades and approval of these people?
Condi Rice has garnered the scorn of her Democratic colleagues, not because of what she has accomplished, but because of who and what she is. She is a black American, who is guilty of an unspeakable crime in liberal eyes.* Her crime? She does not worship at the altar of the Democratic Party. Condi Rice has committed the unpardonable sin. She has dared to carve out her own political path while black. **
And so has any black American sinned who dares to look the Democratic Party in their face and say, “You are wrong. I don’t need you.* I don’t want you.* I can do better than you”. And so she has.
The Democrats haughtily assume they own black America and their votes.* They ridicule and belittle any black who dares to wander off their liberal “plantation”.
They think any black American who seeks a life free of Democratic ownership, is stupid, ignorant, uneducated and misinformed. Condi Rice, in particular, has been labeled a bald-faced liar, a puppet, a sycophant, and a mindless, thoughtless, robotic, brainwashed slave of George W. Bush. In their eyes, any black who dares to snub the Democrats is a traitor.
Countless cartoons and articles have insulted and offended her and her blackness in ways we have not seen since the pre-Civil War south.*
Condi Rice dared to tell the Democratic owners that she believes the conservative mindset is her home. She dares to be a black Republican. And so they savaged her.
The liberal elites cry foul! She is black and not allowed to be a conservative!* She is beholden to them, and only them, for the freedom she has attained.* They own her and she has not paid them back for the favors they bestowed upon her and her people.* Not only is she uppity, she is ungrateful!**
The Democratic Party is the party of Sen. Robert Byrd, a former Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan.* This pitiful excuse for a human being still throws the “N” word around like it is butter, and is never corrected by his liberal cronies. This sad, pathetic man has the blind hubris to say Condi Rice is not fit to serve, when he himself is not fit, nor shall he ever be fit, to walk the hallowed halls of Congress.
Bulletin to Democratic liberals: Condi Rice owes you nothing. Clarence Thomas, who your leader, the disgraceful Harry Reid, called “an embarrassment to the court”, owes you nothing.* You don’t own them anymore.* They are not beholden to you for anything.* Stings, doesn’t it? *…”


This is a good post.

Hell has no fury greater then a thwarted liberal :slight_smile:

i am yet to see any presidential nominee (in the context of the last 4 administrations) regardless of party affilliation, that didn’t undergo rigorus cross examination by the party opposite the current administration…

i personally think the sitting president regardless of party should have the right (with certain qualifing standards) to have who he/she desires to serve on their cabinet…

Look at it this way… If they can take the heat, that’s a pretty good sign they are preparred to with stand the rigors of the office… They should be tough, they should be strong, and good grief, they should be able to stand the pressure… after all, i am sure it pails in magnitude to the pressure that person will experience on the job.

She’s a big girl, she can handle it… She doesn’t need our help…
but, we are watching, and that’s a healthy thing… keeps them flying high…:thumbsup:


Well much as I am disgusted with the grandstanding, bloviating and pontificating on the part of Teddy Kennedy and Barbara Boxer and Robert Byrd, it simply provides more embarrassing examples of the sad state of the Democrat party. How can any sane person think that Teddy Kennedy has anything germane to say. I think the butter slipped off his noodles years ago.

Lisa N

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