a woman rides the beast

What do you think about the book a woman rides the beast from Dave Hunt. I have it readen. i don t know what i should think about it

Dave Hunt is a crackpot. He gets most of his info from “The Two Babylons”, a revisionist anti-Catholic book from the 19th century no serious historian uses.

Even the author of “The Two Babylons” later rejected much of what he wrote as untrue it should be noted.

No, that was the author of “Mystery Babylon” about 15 years ago (which also was based on Hislop’s Two Babylons). I don’t remember Hislop ever doing that.

You should think it’s nonsense.


I think so too. For example he says (Hunt) that some of churches fathers do not say that Peter is rock on which is built the church . I have checked it and I have found that Hunt is not right.

I didn’t know that.

I know that Ralph Woodrow disavowed much of his BABYLON MYSTERY RELIGION, which he based largely on Hislop, in his THE BABYLON CONNECTION. But I had not heard that Hislop backtracked.


Dave Hunt’s writing is total error. He pulls largely from, as others have noted, Hislop’s writings. Another evangelical pastor, Woodrow, borrowed largely from Hislop as well, but then investigated Hislop’s writings, including going back to source documents that Hislop claimed to have used, found that the source documents did not say what Hislop claimed they did, and Woodrow recanted much of what he wrote in the latest book, “The Bablyon Connection?” Woodrow actually has a piece on Catholic Answers summarizing his book, and concluding that Hislop largely made up what he wrote.

Hunt’s just another also-ran. Hunt also borrows heavily from black legend that rose out of the political mess that followed the Reformation. In other words, what is in “A Woman Rides the Beast” that isn’t borrowed from Hislop, is taken from propaganda dating back to the 16th century when Catholic nations and Protestant nations were marching against each other.

JustaServant- Can you stop the name calling? Really. I find it revolting when a supposed “Catholic” does that… I don’t care if you find Dave Hunt to be a “crackpot”… even if his ideas are wrong or misguided. You don’t ever make a mistake in judgement? Can you stop making yourself look better like you have all the answers by dipping down so low with ad hominem attacks? Honestly. That sort of think is childish. Its vile and a turn off and no way Christian to do that. You can keep those types of comments to yourself as they are of no help to the Lord. If Dave Hunt is in error, he needs to be helped and his error pointed out. I need to admonish you with that. I hope you understand.

Woodrow’s action/books was what I was referring to in the post above.


In my opinion, don’t waste you time filling your mind with such speculative garbage.

You Catholics are lucky in that the storehouse of knowledge and literature in the Catholic church is too large to absorb in one lifetime - so why spend time in the muck?

You should not waste your time reading stuff like that.

I have no respect for David Hunt either. After studying church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, I see just how far fetched these exposes are.

Hunt belongs in the Maria Monk, Alberto, “Jesuits killed Lincoln”, DeVinci Code, and Protocols of the Elders of Zion category. Ignore.

I have readen more for example Far From Rome, Closer to God. I am very sceptical about this stuffs.


If you read it then you should understand how much hatred one person has and what lies someone will spread to promote that hate.

I have not read that book, and won’t.

It reminds me greatly of the sensationalist “prophecies” of the Adventists and Jehovahs Witnesses.

Ellen White stole from Hisslop and out it in her book “the great controversy”, it’s all false “history” not to be beleived in a second.

Don’t spend your time reading scum. :wink:

a woman rides the beast

If you know what I mean.

Not really no, Are you pointing some dubious joke implicit in that phrase perhaps?

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