A Woman Tells of Her Refusal to Have an Abortion

After she was raped, she faced terrible pressure to force her to have an abortion. Now 78 years old, she tells of her meeting with her son.
see lifesitenews.com/news/military-girl-was-drugged-raped-and-told-to-abort.-what-she-did-next-surpri

What amazing story; it gave me goosebumps. I will say no more so others can read the article but this was a real story of a woman who was pro Life and willing to endure much to bring life into this world.

Thanks for the link.


Pressure? The woman’s mother sounds totally *unhinged! *
Putting rifle to her daughter’s head?
Giving her pills to give her a heart attack? Crazy.

This woman is fortunate to live in a country that gave her the ability to make her own choice.

I don’t understand why she gave the baby up for adoption, tho. She doesn’t really say.


She did so for her best interest and his is what she says. It’s not real specific of course but it does speak to the intent.

Clipped from the article

**I did give him the details of how it came about that the only thing I could do at the time, for his best interests and for mine as well, was to place him for adoption


Because her mother was crazy and her older sisters were siding with the mother? And she knew that eventually she’d have to go back to live with her mother?

She was probably afraid her mother would harm her, or the baby, even after the birth.

What I do find a little “off” is how she was supposedly raped, but her account of her husband’s proposal, when she quotes him as stating “Pat, I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done” is more consistent with a scenario of her getting pregnant through consensual sex.

I guess maybe she was so grateful he still wanted to marry her that she didn’t notice or care that he didn’t believe she was actually raped. It’s also possible that the stigma against having children out of wedlock was so bad then, that he assumed she claimed rape because of that.

Years ago my mother who is 74 said that being raped was in fact a huge stigma in and of itself without the pregnancy issue. People assumed you “asked for it” or went “willingly on a date and things just got out of hand and now the woman is crying rape” Also they dragged the victim through the slime and the mud about what they were wearing, how they were acting etc.

Sad but true. Just “food for thought.”


Thanks for providing more historical-cultural context. For all the claims of “rape culture” I do think that general culture is not quite as quick to blame the victim for being raped now, compared to the 1950s. It’s possible this woman’s husband had absorbed such attitudes and really did assume she must have done something that made her complicit, without actually having fully consensual sex.

I suppose it’s also possible the woman did not even tell her husband of the rape. As even on CAF I have read comments from male posters that they wouldn’t marry victims of rape or child molestation because they don’t want to deal with the baggage, and one even stated he’d rather not take the risk of a sexually dysfunctional marriage. :eek:

Yeah, I totally found that “off” too. He spoke as if it was somewhat her fault.

The other thing I find odd is that the woman would have been born around 1940…so I imagine she would have joined the military around 1960 or the early sixties?
And yet…the photo looks like it was taken in the Forties.

On another website, I think she says she is bi-polar…so that might explain the mother’s dramatic behavior, she may also be as well.


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