A Wonderful Life.. YES!


We all know that there is no perfect life on this side of eternity. We all experience trials and tribulations, some more than others. We didn’t choose what family to be born into and we had no say what country, culture or race we inherited. Our personalities are our own, whether we like it or not. But despite the long wish-list we might be tempted to produce, there must be many more things we love about ourselves, our families, our life in general. A perfect life, NO! A wonderful life? Can be! So I challenge you, start naming your blessings!


And a wonderful idea!

1.) The Eucharist!
2.) Our Catholic Faith!
3.) My sweet mother!
4.) Our wonderful Pastor and Parish!
5.) Our humble… but comfortable home!
6.) The little car which gets us to Mass (and everywhere else)!
7.) Our family… (even though they’re very far away)…
8.) Happy childhood/family memories…
9.) Our little cat, Spooky…
10.) Great books…
11.)Chocolate and Pizza! :smiley:
12.) The beauty of our little flower garden…
13.) Cold, clear water…
14.) A comfortable bed at night…
15.)The sunsets of the west coast… and the sunrises of the east coast!
16.) Beautiful music!

I have a lot more… but, I don’t want to overdo it! :blush: Thanks for another great thread, Sister! You have a talent for making people THINK!

God bless!


Sister Helena, your posts always lift my heart … thank you :heaven:

  1. That my Lord came to find me when I was a ‘lost sheep’ and led me to His Church
  2. My family and friends
  3. General good health
  4. My job, and that I have a car, food to eat, a place to live, and all the necessities of life
  5. All the wonderful people who have shared the joy of the Catholic faith with me: CAF (administration and members), Mother Angelica, Fr Benedict Groeschel, Fr John Corapi, Fr Mitch Pacwa, Br Bob Fishman, EWTN, Immaculate Heart Radio, and too many others to name
  6. Great books
  7. Free/public libraries
  8. Wonderful, heart-stirring music
  9. The beauties of nature given to us by God each day: birds to awaken us with song, the lovely trees, grass & flowers to delight our eyes during the day, and the glorious stars at night

Like MV, I could probably go on for awhile, but I will stop here. :slight_smile: Our gracious Lord has truly given us such abundant blessings!

Thank you again, Sister Helena, for posting this thread. :slight_smile:


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