A Word About Mod/Admin Actions

The mod/admin staff usually works behind the scenes as much as possible, so that members’ experience at CAF may be as pleasant as possible. Occasionally though, the need arises to let the general membership know why certain mod/admin actions, otherwise hidden from public view, occur.

Before moving on, please read this thread: Reasons Why Members are Suspended or Banned. This note in the thread is particularly important:

One point that we hope comes through [in this thread] is that the reasons behind a suspension or other disciplinary action are rarely obvious to forum members. Public speculation as to the reasons behind a suspension or ban are therefore fruitless (and a primary reason why it is against forum rules).

The Catholic Answers Forums (CAF) is a service offered free to the public as an outreach of Catholic Answers. It is a very expensive project that is supported, in part, by the freewill donations of members for which we are very grateful. Because CAF works to be a good steward of the budget we have for this project, we have only thirteen moderators for 126,000 members. There is only one moderator who handles both Family Life and Parenting.

Problems with individual members

The moderators, few though they are and overburdened as they are, work hard to counsel members who are either disruptive or otherwise do not follow CAF rules. Particularly with long-term members, they work hard to try to explain the rules and give multiple chances through warnings and brief suspensions. But when such counsel goes unheeded, or when those members treat the mods in an abusive fashion behind the scenes, the time comes when those members must go. Out of courtesy to all members, CAF does not discuss with third parties actions taken against individual members. As a special courtesy to long-term members, we will also sometimes not make the closure of their accounts public so that they may appear to others to have decided to stop participating.

Members who have been disciplined and/or removed in this fashion often do not respond with reciprocal courtesy. There have been instances of behind-the-scenes slander of CAF, even to the extent of using CAF’s own private message system to incite dissatisfaction among other members who never knew there was a problem to begin with.

What you can do to help CAF
*]If you find out about the suspension or banning of a member, please give the mod/admin staff the benefit of the doubt that there were very good reasons for these actions.
*]Please understand that CAF is committed to respecting the privacy of individual members, even when reciprocal courtesy is not granted, and will not discuss actions taken against individual members with third parties.
*]If you receive a private message (PM) from a member complaining about CAF or inviting you to join a new forum and/or blog dedicated to gossiping about CAF, please forward the private message to a moderator or administrator. Such private messages are considered an abuse of the PM system.
*]Please keep CAF and all of its members in prayer that all will be dedicated to using and preserving this forum in a spirit of Christian charity.[/LIST]Thank you, and God bless.

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