A year into Francis' papacy, Jesuits seeing a boost

Sean McCreight has a passion for teaching. But the 25-year-old California native is leaving that behind to pursue an even higher calling: becoming a Jesuit priest.

“I think to see Pope Francis living an active religious life, that’s another aspect that’s attractive to me,” he said. “His life is so filled with serving the church and serving her people that I can also see myself doing those things.”

A year after Pope Francis’ election, one of the first measurable “Francis effects” may be emerging. The Jesuits, officially known as the Society of Jesus, have seen a 65 percent increase in inquiries from men seeking to join their religions order, according to the Jesuit Conference based in Washington D.C. For many Jesuit vocations directors across the country, that is a dramatic increase from what they were used to under the years of Benedict and previous popes.


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