‘A Year’s Worth of Suicide Attempts in the Last Four Weeks’: California Doctor Calls for End to Lockdown


How many suicides followed Black Tuesday( taking into consideration population)?

humans are basically social they must be able to get out, be around others if they choose, do the things they normally do. I can certainly see why this would happen.


Congratulations! You didn’t blame Trump!! (yet…)

Answer - a lot.


Yes, I was grew anxious and overwhelmed, but mostly because my grandmother was ailing during the pandemic and so we feared she would die. The thought of her dying alone if it came to that made me ultimately think of all those poor people sick in hospital with none of their loved ones!

We are indeed social creatures, but the idea of dying alone is terrifying to me.

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I know what you are saying but you are NEVER alone—Our Lord is with you as well as your Guardian Angel.

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Yes, true. But we can only hope that our loved ones are there too!

This is so sad :frowning: being isolated has horrible affects on the mind I really hope more people will reach out to therapists over the phone!

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