AAA Recognizes gay couples as 'married' and a 'family'

                 **AAA Recognizes gay couples as 'married' and a 'family' **                                    
                                [                     ]("")August 4, 2009                 

                              The American Automobile Association (AAA) has begun offering "Family Memberships" to homosexual couples, recognizing the homosexual couple as being "married," [according to a homosexual activist organization]("") in Florida.

Thirty states have overwhelmingly voted to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Yet AAA is treating homosexual couples as if they are married.
The homosexual couples need only state that they are married to receive the family benefit. In the eyes of AAA two homosexuals living together constitute “marriage” and make a “family.” All they have to do to get the “family membership” benefits is to say "we are gay and married."
Take Action! Please contact AAA immediately, urging them to reverse their policy recognizing homosexual couples as if they were “married” for purposes of AAA Family Memberships.


                                        Donald E. Wildmon,
                                        Founder and Chairman
                                        American Family Association                                         


If anyone is still confused by the homosexual campaign is this will unconfuse you!

Defending a Higher Law: Why We Must Resist Same-sex “Marriage”

Read it and spread it around to your “confused” friends and family.


*As always buffalo, your articles are interesting!

I used to sell personal lines insurance…auto, home, etc…and I remember when a female gay couple came to see me, by law, I could not place them on the same insurance policy. They could serve as beneficiaries on life insurance policies, but they could not (this was PA law) be placed on the same auto policy, because they were not ‘married.’ Heterosexual couples likewise cannot be placed on the same policy unless married…so I wonder (from a secular perspective strictly) how AAA validates that their members are married or not? My point being that a couple usually needs (this was when we were members anyways) to show proof of marriage to receive certain perks, something like an insurance ID card for example. If a homosexual couple can’t be placed on the same policy, they are not required to show proof?

I will say this, AAA is hurting big time for money. Their memberships have gone down considerably…I know this, because where I work now, we have several locations as clients. They tell us due to the recession, they are hurting. So, this is all about money–let’s remember this–they need more members, and thus, ‘bend the rules,’ I guess. So my question is…if a heterosexual couple who is NOT married, walks in and says they are…they can receive the same benefits as a legally married couple? Makes no sense…but, when it comes to money, things often don’t make sense. :o

I just wanted to throw that out there, because I just see this as being bad business, in addition to the morality aspect. Hetero couples who are living together will expect the same treatment, is what I’m saying…so everyone gets the ‘family’ benefit, then? :confused: I’m not against equal rights for gay couples…I am against special rights, and breaking of rules to get special benefits and perks.*


Yeah, me and my drinking buddies are now family. I wonder if we can get the discount.

It is fascinating how the 'agenda" has worked its way into the moral fabric of our nation. The linked article shows the fallacies of it all and how they did it. Many Americans have bought the “Hitler” type propaganda. We have to work hard to keep the family and marriage intact.


*Yes, I just don’t find that business practice to be ethical, just viewing it secularly. I think that the rebuttal from the gay community would be that they are not permitted to legally marry, and thus what can they do. They shouldn’t be excluded from benefits, etc because it’s something out of their control. I can see that being the counter-argument. But, if I were single and living with a man …not married…why should I receive the benefits of marriage? Not all heterosexual couples WANT to get married. We have a problem on that side of the coin also, from a moral standpoint but they are not trying to gain benefits as married people receive…so that’s why I’m taken aback by this…

I agree with you–I marvel at how far reaching this is becoming. Why get married then, at all…if the benefits are still given to you, as though you are? (some people might think–remember, not everyone considers marriage to be a beautiful Sacrament as we do) I think that marriage is under attack from all angles…it didn’t just come under attack when homosexual couples wanted to legally get married. It definitely is a problem.

Again, I believe in equal rights for everyone, I just don’t believe certain groups should receive special rights, so not sure what the solution is. :shrug:*


In college, my (same sex) roommate and I were on the same Sam’s Club account because we had the same address (they never asked about marriage - I just listed everyone that lived at my address). Also, my girlfriend (later wife) and I were on the same Blockbuster Video account while not married and not even living at the same address.

Private club memberships are not regulated the same an insurance policies and can make pretty much whatever rules they want regarding membership. That’s why my girlfriend (at the time) could be on my Blockbuster account, but I couldn’t add her to my health insurance policy.

I will say this, AAA is hurting big time for money.

That’s exactly the situation. Someone at AAA did an analysis that determined that the number of new members that would join if they allowed homosexual partners is greater than the number of existing members that would leave over the issue.

If you want to change their calculation, the best approach is to either cancel your membership (and make sure they know why) or to write them to say why you’ll never open a membership.


Not to sound crass, but I guess money these days, is the great ‘equalizer.’ :o


Sorry, this one is just too over the top for me.

I refuse to believe that I’m making a stand for traditional marriage by letting my wife - or myself for that matter - get stranded on a dark road with a flat tire or some mechanical problem, or be in a frozen parking lot with a dead battery, with no one to call.

As a private organization, as has been pointed out, AAA has no control over the definition of “marriage” or “family.” There are clearly states where failure to provide such recognition is now illegal, whether we like it or not.

I look forward to seeing a picture of Mr. Wildmon changing his own tire.


*Most auto insurance companies offer AAA type coverage…tow service, changing a flat, picking you up and driving you to a gas station, etc…for like $20 more per month or something on most policies. I haven’t been a member of AAA for years, really because it’s more expensive than what I pay for this same type of service, through my insurance company. I know there are other travel perks through being a AAA member, but eh, not worth it to me.

You are right about it being a private organization, not being able to control the definition of marriage…BUT…legally, insurance companies typically won’t give a legally unmarried couple a policy together. They have to buy separate policies. So…it’s not so much that AAA is redefining anything, I just think it’s bad business, because they will HAVE to open this up now to hetero couples who are not married, I would imagine. *


Actually read what the Bible says about marriage and you won’t find much… it’s more tradition (we have it defined though in the CCC). So when some people actually push Protestants they really can’t defend one man and one woman.

The fact of the matter is though, and I said this on another thread and dont’ think I had time to respond to the rebuttal, what most gay couples want isn’t necessarily sacramental marriage in our sense, it’s just legal rights. To get insurance, death benefits etc… Which makes your statement about your drinking buddes obtuse. Do you and your drinking buddies live together? share all your expenses? only drink with each other an no one else? would you and your drinking buddies agree to raise children together, take care of them? teach them?

I know the stats but I also know my personal experience and I know individuals rasied by gay couples, all of whom are hetrosexual and some who are actually religious. They grew up and had a great loving family, a family that taught them, cared for them, provided for them and oddly enough spent time with them rather than their “drinking buddies”

I’m not judging you at all with that statement but I KNOW some people who don’t spent a lot of time with their children because they spend it with their “drinking buddies” so for me that statement sends a very negative signal… completely unrelated to your particular reality or how you treat or care for your family. (I just didn’t want you to think it was a personal attack because it wasn’t). The point being that those individuals grew up as “normal”, happy, well educated good people…

AAA is an association and can give discounts though to whomever they wish and treat them that way. To WG’s point though, I’m not sure their insurance division can though. But sure they can say that they will recognize to people at the same house and give them a discount for Denny’s, nothing illegal about that at all to my knowledge.

What bothers me is what is going on in Europe right now. We as Christians have a choice IMHO. We can work to recognize things, situations and people for what they are or we can keep pushing. If we do, we may very well wind up like Europe where in 2 years it may be illegal to not ordain women priests or allow openly gay individuals as Bishops etc… (the Church is going to have a difficult road on some of these).

Thus I got back to my point that I believe the State should grant everyone civil unions and let them get “married” in the Church of their choice. This nation is about FREEDOM, FREEDOM of choice, FREEDOM of religion etc… We don’t want the Gov to mandate that freedom for any particular group because they usually don’t do a good job at it and go too far. (like the hate bills, good idea… bills weren’t so good though because they went too far).

Just something to think about… and no that’s not condoning sin, it’s giving choices to consenting adults to use their God given free will to make their own decisions.

Still trying to get the Hitler and agenda quotes though… and actually wondering if I should respond at all as I’m breakin’ the unwritten rule of never post to a thread once Hitler or Nazi’s have been mentioned… lol



*Hey Joe…

Just curious, why do you feel that the Catholic Church will have a tough time with some of those issues …ie: the ordination of women as priests, etc? The Church, (one of the many reasons I love our faith) is that She doesn’t bend to popular, secular opinion, or political posturing. She stands as the unwaivering Word of God, and always takes the moral high road, despite the snickers. :)*


I like that AAA dosn’t recognize a biological connection as “family”. In the past I’ve known people who were able to get their “kids” AAA protection & trip planning. The kids have been foster kids, or neices and nephews.

I like that two elderly sisters can get AAA and no one ask them any questions or a elderly sister and a brother sharing their parents old house can go on cruises in under the same membership.

I like that my neighbor (who’s house is sub-divided) and her husband share AAA with the two college girls next door so they are safe.


In my experiance you could of gotten this for years.


What? The Bible explicitly discusses everything you can imagine regarding marriage.


Hey WG!

Ruth here, providing link, does a much better job of explaining it. It may not get to the point of forcing equality in regards to Priests / Bishops but it’s all in how the bill / law is interpreted.



True, some states mandate treating same-sex couples (whether it is called marriage or civil unions) the same as married couples,

However, is there an independent verification that this is now a nationwide policy of AAA? Or is this limited to that particular chapter? I would prefer a bit more verification than a homosexual rights group shouting “AAA is going to give us a discount”. (For what it’s worth, I actually tried to fill out membership form to see what options would come up, and the closest I saw to classifying a non-traditional relationship was “significant other” - nothing about domestic partnerships).


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