Aaron Paul touts petition to keep "Breaking Bad" dolls at Toys R Us


*…speaking out about the controversy surrounding a Florida mom’s successful petition to remove the show’s action figures from Toys “R” Us stores. …

“Wait, so @ToysRUs pulled all of the Breaking Bad action figures from their shelves but still sells Barbie? Hmmmm…I wonder what is more damaging?,” Paul wrote. …

Fort Myers, Florida, resident Susan Myers originally called for the removal of the action figures, which come with plastic accessories designed to look like drug money and crystal meth.*CBS News


I have to say, that show was amazing…for adults. Not at all appropriate for anyone under 18 (in my opinion).

How is Barbie damaging? I guess body image issues maybe but that’s not really Barbie’s fault. I never felt inferior because He Man had great body and nice long blond hair. :shrug:


I’ve long been puzzled by the fact that they release toys for PG-13 and R rated movies and TV shows. They’ve been doing this for years, though. Back when I was a kid, they had Police Academy and Robocop toys. Those were all R rated movies.


In the brick and mortar stores, they are sold in an entirely separate section, with other adult-type collectables. Family Guy, anyone? Hardly a children’s show, and definitely more attractive to children than a figure grisly old guy.

I signed a counter petition before they got pulled that had nearly as many signatures as the “get rid of them” petition. I wish I had the forethought to buy some of the BB figurines before they got pulled. Think of the Ebay value!!!


I feel tempted to fault the parent demographic on this one but maybe it’s about time Toys R Us set up some sort of rebranded section so it’s more clear to everyone that they’re not just limited to selling the toddler stuff anymore. :shrug:

I mean, Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast, which targets the 13+ and young adult demographic. I don’t remember ever reading about them having this sort of problem. :shrug:

Funny cuz I say the same thing except with sarcasm every time a women ogles at some dude with He-Man bod even though I’m standing right next to her. I think it’s high time people realized body image issues from toys can go for both genders.


And yet one report showed them on the shelves next to Thomas the Tank.


Let the economy work it out. If they don’t sell, they won’t be taking up much shelf space.

Seems toy stores are now being made out to be the bad guys we have already made many teachers to be.

Instead of exercising parental responsibilities in teaching character in the home, and in allowing kids to buy whatever toys they like, we blame the teacher and the toy store.

Go figure.


I agree largely with what you said and don’t have a super strong opinion on this matter. The only thing I would point out is that letting the market work it out can be a good thing—on the other hand, captalism’s weakness is that it is driven by the dollar regardless of prudence or morality. For example, porn sells very well. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. But I would not support it sold in the average department store or in the checkout line, even if it continues to sell well.


The precepts of Capitalism applies to pornography just as well…the reason you don’t see pornography on the shelf at your grocery store is because there would be outcry by people who are not buying it, and would be so outraged that the store would do that, they would shop elsewhere…in some cases, both morality (as evidenced by the outrage of shoppers at the grocery store stocking porn) and prudence (the unwillingness of the store to leave it on the shelf if they will lose shoppers) can be central to economics.


Yes, but obviously porn does sell in some stores in some markets. Strict capitalism would say this is okay because strict capitalism does not factor morality. Only money.


Correct. Capitalism will not guide moral or righteous behavior, if anything it will detract from it. Things that sell will be justified by capitalism, things that do not, likewise.

Capitalism’s function IS money…not morality, not righteousness.

It exists because of, not in spite of, man’s sinful nature.

Again, that is why my comments about the store choosing to sell, or remove, porn from its shelves. Those decisions are money driven not morally driven…they are made by capitalistic consideration. In capitalism, if a market can be helped by supply, demand will be provided. If supply hampers market performance, demand will be ignored, but the demand will be made somewhere else, by an even less moral or righteous capitalist.

That’s why we have drug dealers.


If a large portion of society is amazed by the story of a guy selling death for pure profit motive, then I’d posit that this society has some very deep problems.


I don’t even watch the show. But if it’s popularity is any indication, I’m not sure your crass summarization puts you in a position to call anything deep.

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