Aaron's DNA

I hear some protestants talking about Israel has found Aaron’s DNA and now based on that DNA are training these Levites for service when the Temple gets rebuilt.

Any truth to this?

Yes. There’s a marker, called J1 which is believed to be shared by all Kohains (Priests)

Recent DNA analysis has confirmed a specific genetic marker which is only present in the Cohanim. This discovery attaches scientific credibility to the idea that all Cohanim are the patriarchal descendents of Moses’ brother Aaron. Certain tribes from Africa who claim to have Jewish roots were also confirmed to have the Cohen genetic signature.


They’ll have to narrow it down a little more:

Ezek 40:46 These are the sons of Zadok, who are the only Levites who may draw near to the LORD to minister before him.

Is there a marker for the house of Zadok? :slight_smile:

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I just LOVE this! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Yup. That’s my name. We all share that marker. :wink:

Assuming that the DNA marker is true, THEN is it TRUE that the Israel is actually training new Priests?


As far as I know, they would have to tear down the current mosque located on the site of the old temple first. That probably wont go over well with the Muslim population.

I haven’t heard anything about training priest. But who knows?

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There are several fundamentalist factions of Judaism, the Machon HaMikdash probably most prominently, that are attempting to prepare Levites for future Temple service.

When Mashiach comes, he will do that himself. :slight_smile:

Any Jews trying to force the Redemption in their own strength will fail. This is why the STATE of Israel has largely failed: they have tried to force the return to the Land through their own power, and not God’s.

Um. Like the Moslems sealing up the East Gate of Jerusalem so the Messiah can’t come in. :rolleyes: (Do I have the right gate?)

Yeah, can you believe they did that? :tsktsk:

Don’t worry, they will be blown away (no pun intended!) when Mashiach comes. As if doing that could stop him! :smiley:

Well there were excavations under the Mount, a subteranian temple is possible but… would seem really creepy. The rumor is that they found the Ark under the temple mount, freaked out not knowing what to do, and sealed it up until they knew what to do. They being the Israeli govt. But that idea seems just a bit dubious.

EVERYONE knows the Ark of the Covenant is in a plain wooden crate in a government warehouse filled with millions of identical crates… never to be seen again! Seriously! :smiley:

:rotfl: Indiana Jones what a BA! :thumbsup:

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Okay, I do a lot of reading and I have no idea where I read what I am about to write.:shrug:

Somewhere I read that the Muslim Mosque has some cracks in its structure that could make it one day fall. Not that I am hoping that anything bad happen to hurt anyone. But I can’t help but wonder if this is true.

I hardly view Israel as a mostly failed state. And I don’t think that is an opinion held by the majority of Jews, religious or secular.

Big deal.

Jews have always known who was a cohen (priest), who was a levite, and who was not.

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