AARP loses 60,000 members over Obama health care plan

In materials provided to CBS News on Monday, AARP the nations largest support group for seniors has said 60,000 citizens have left its membership rolls in protest over its general support for the government-run health care plan.

Is AARP supporting the plan? If so, I can understand why they lost so many members. If they are supporting the plan, hopefully this will make them reconsider.

I’m sorry to hear that this has happen. It would appear that one of the reasons that the President won the election was because people believed all American were entitled to healthcare without going bankrupt or before their illness required them to go the emergency room to be treated. Now it appears who ever can yell the loudest weather the message is right or wrong will win the day. That unfortunately is politics in America. I am not saying I agree or disagree with the President only that it is sad when not all sides are truly represented in any debate. We have not learned to communicate with each
other honestly and with respect.

I think we need to put this into some context.

Considering AARP has somewhere around 35,000,000 members, 60,000 only amounts to about .0017% of its membership.

Not a terrible number considering and tells me that most seniors aren’t necessarily buying into the death panel argument.

Many people who overlooked the fact PBO was the most pro abortion member of the senate, promised to pass FOCA, promoted stem cell research, and had sent a letter to members of an activist gay group in California, congratulating them on their weddings, woke up to see the national debt tripled in the first six months of his administration. All that money folks thought would be rolling in their pocketbooks has evaporated.
How sad many sold themselves for a mirage.

The health care plan will most certainly include abortion funding, or PBO will lose his precious liberal left.

The MSM is solidly on the side of the left, ACORN is busing in (with our tax dollars:mad:) pro Obamacare busloads to townhalls. The White House got caught sending out e-blasts to support PBO’s plan and requested information from citizens to report on other citizens who were sending out "misleading"emails, protesters have been called names, called names(!) by elected officials. Which side, exactly, is not being truly represented?

I’m not even a member and told them I never would be, thanks to their failure to condemn the house plan.

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