Hi folks! I need some advice from those who feel they can give it.

One of my best friends is going through a very difficult time in his marriage. He and his wife separated when she was pregnant, he’s attempted to express his love and willingness to come back if she would take him back numerous times for months, after both of them had gone to counseling and seen significant change. When his son was born, his wife took his son and moved to her mother’s, two hours away. Now he’s wondering what he should do, and he’s starting to feel (obviously) a bit desperate – any suggestions?

Thanks and God bless! :cool:



It is very hard to comment or offer advice for such a complex situation. Generally, I would advise the father to move close to his wife and son and do his best to be a great daddy and husband with the hopes of reconciling the marriage. But there are so many variables…like whether he was abusive or dangerous in any way etc.

Either way, he has to be a father to his child. He needs to do whatever it takes to be the best daddy he can be in the given situation. Even if that means he has to move and give up his current job. He could work at McDonald’s for all his son will care, as long as he is there.



Many prayers for all in this family that is suffering. I think thats all I can offer.


that is very sad…

I would tell this man to work on whatever caused his wife to leave in the first place. Concentrate on being the best husband he can be and prayers obviously sound much needed!


Has your friend considered that this kind of behaviour, if out of character with her normal conduct, could be a sign his wife is suffering from serious depression related to her pregnancy/delivery? At the very least, she needs a medical evaluation. Does he have a relationship with her parents that would allow him to approach them for some mediation/intervention? This is not a situation I would just let fester. The child is his as well as hers and while she is probably better off with her parents than alone, he is entitled to an explanation of the problem as well as access to his child.


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