Abandoning the Mother


There is the saying “Abandoning the Mother is but one step from abandoning the Son” in the back of my Pieta prayer book. Even though I have always had a strong devotion to Mary, and it was an important part of my conversion, I always felt that this was a little harsh to Protestants. :signofcross:

Then I saw this piece of research that I cannot find which said that only 24% of Anglican and Lutheran clergy believed in the Virgin birth, and a piece by a Catholic author later suggested that this phenomenon was higher in the Christian traditions that had ceased to venerate Mary, giving a surprising validity to the saying.:highprayer:

The one fly in the ointment was that the group other than Roman Catholics most likely to remain faithful to the Virgin birth are the complete opposite side of the spectrum, the Fundementalists.

Does this invalidate the saying, or does it just add further evidence to the inconsistancy of Fundementalism?:signofcross:



I stumbled upon this ancient post today, and since no one has responded I thought I would.

Yes, Fundamentalists do tend to continue to believe in the Virgin Birth. However, their rejection of Marian devotion can lead to other heterodox beliefs, as discussed in this article:

home.earthlink.net/~mysticalrose/marian16.html (read particularly #10 & 11 at the bottom)

So though they may not reject one Christian truth, they may end up rejecting others.


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