Abba singer says schools and Religion don't mix

A has been pop star is obviously another authority

I couldn’t agree more.Didn’t they reincarnate as the vomit inducing Ace of Base?

You can’t be serious.Did you love the 1910 Fruitgum Company and the Archies too?

Religion IS taught in public schools.It’s called Secular Humanism.You know…the Worship of Man or Self.

I totally agree. I have no desire to see Mama Mia - EVER.

Good one, Brendan!!!:slight_smile:

Charles Darwin may have gone to a very Christian school but it didn’t prevent him from coming up with the “best idea in the world”.

What? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Why are some people so utterly excited about the theory of evolution? Why the enthusiasm? I don’t get it.

You are so right, Soutane!:slight_smile:

Danke Schoen:thumbsup:

Most certainly!:thumbsup:

Certainly, religion as a subject should be taught in both public & private schools, same as math, or science, or even… music! :stuck_out_tongue:

The only place religion should be discussed in public school is when discussing the influence of religion on historical events, on music or on the early misunderstandings in science.

Religious instruction belongs in religious schools and in the home. A public school teacher needs to keep their religious bias (for or against) out of the classroom.

Agreed. This is why I think Liberalism/Socialism/Relativism are plagues on society and must be eliminated from any influence on society. Yes, I am calling for censorship but, at least, I call it as it is instead of calling it the “Fairness Doctrine”.

No. Not think, know that they are plagues

OMG–they are one of my favorite groups. They’re music always made me HAPPY in my 1980s youth. So much better than all that stuff they call 80s music. And I much prefer them over that Michael Jackson fella.:thumbsup:

We want Catholic faith as part of our schooling–so we homeschool. Catholic school (at least where we leave) is prohibitively expensive and you cannot always be sure that they will be 100% properly taught.

I’ll still listen to Abba–but when I am in the mood for some feel good disco music and not while teaching my kids catechism.:stuck_out_tongue:

You assume too much- I wasn’t talking about teaching religious bias, but religion as a subject matter. Happens more at the 2ndary level, 'coparative religions", “world religions” etc. In such instances, the state is not forcing any brand of religion on someoe.

I thought my first sentence covered that kind of thing-but if it wasn’t clear I apologize.

I have to agree, ABBA, actually, a very talented Pop band, with some fantastically simple and catchy tunes. They are without a doubt, one of the most well known bands that have ever existed.

I would think that anyone stating that they had never heard of Abba, are either pulling our legs, or quite simply, they make a concerted effort to ignore much of what goes in popular culture.

Yes. It is very irrational:

… schools should provide a safe haven from all ideologies, with the obvious codicil that children should learn as much about as many of them as possible from an objective point of view.

Actually, yes, I agree with you. I meant that no realigion should ever be endorsed in a public school.

Maybe it did & I missed it, so my apologies as well…

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