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Hello all,

I am discerning the priesthood/monastic life, and I am due to visit a local Abbey for a three day retreat. However, I am feeling nervous about going and have mentioned this to my spiritual director. He tells me not to worry, but is there any advice which I can take with me to make the stay a spiritually enriching one?

Thank you.


Bring a book and attend all the hours of the divine office.



Thank you for your advice. My spiritual director lives at the Abbey. He has informed me that he will provide me with a book to read :slight_smile:


You are human so of course you are nervous, But put yourself in the hands of the Lord and tell him “I am here do your Will” what could be better, the monks will have a great Library so there will be some great books, also the Abbott will recommend books for you to read, you will have time to pray, to walk and reflect, guidance from the Abbott , and time in front of the Blessed Sacrament for a heart to heart talk, “what do you want me to do Lord”- put your hand in the Lord’s and guidance from the Abbott how lucky you are to get this opportunity.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob guide you and shower you with abundance of Graces.


Thank you for your words of advice. I offer thanks for the Lord every day for this opportunity, though it never feels enough. I am looking forward to attending the hours of the divine office, spending time in prayer and reflection, and to discuss with my spiritual director my vocation. I am still new to Catholicism, so everything makes me feel nervous. But, God is willing me to walk the path towards my calling. I cannot ignore Him.


Of course things will be a little new, even strange, but see if you feel “at home.” Most religious I know (and I know a lot!) say they “just knew” when they arrived where they belonged. That doesn’t mean that everything is immediately perfect or comfortable, but–can you imagine yourself there? Do you find God calling you there? Give it time. Be open. And, if you are not called there, you may still find out a lot about yourself. Blessings to you in your discernment!


Go with an open mind and let the Holy Spirit do the rest! :highprayer:


Being nervous is OK and natural. Beyond that, all I can suggest is to allow yourself to get into the spirit and rhythm of the place.

When I visit my abbey the first thing I feel is a sense of peace. From the moment I get out of my car it almost feels like peace is in the very air I breathe.

The day has a definite rhythm to it – coming to the chapel at certain times for prayers or Mass, eating a certain times, etc. Join into that as much as you are able.

Prayers and best wishes.


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