Abbot Nicholas Zachariadis of HRM on radio now doing Q & A

Abbot Nicholas Zachariadis of Holy Resurrection Monastery is presently live on Catholic Answers for an hour of Q & A on Eastern Catholics. Glad to see this program having Fr Nicholas on again. :thumbsup:

This should be archived after the program airs. Will give that link when it appears.

I got to listen to a good portion of it. He was good!

Looking forward to hearing the program once it is posted online…and really looking forward to meeting Abbot Nicholas and the rest of the monks when I visit the monastery for Pascha!:smiley:

I heard the last part of the program again this morning during morning commute. Maybe they don’t upload the programs to podcast until they finish airing the repeats.

Uncle Bill: Hope you can be there from Thursday thru Sat night/Sun. :thumbsup:

You can listen here to the archived podcast of yesterday’s program:

You can also listen to the archived podcast of the last time Fr. Nicholas was on Catholic Answers Live, in December 27, 2012, here:

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