ABC News' Amy Robach caught on hot mic saying network spiked Jeffrey Epstein bombshell

But reporting on him would have reflected badly on Democrats, so the story was spiked.

Because only Republicans have “real American scandals”.

Always appropriate:


Yeah, wealthy men being allowed to rape and molest young girls is pretty normal stuff, I guess.


Guinness . . .

But reporting on him would have reflected badly on Democrats, so the story was spiked.

You know, I thought of that.

But then they could just attempt to insert the Trump narrative here.

Oddly enough, the mainstream media hardly did whimper about Trump’s association with Epstein.
(Maybe Epstein has blackmail videos against media executives who are child molesters too. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.)

I agree. Trump is probably pretty clean on this.
He has never been to “Fantasy Island” if I recall correctly.
I don’t think Trump had been to “Fantasy Ranch” (in NM or AZ or whereever it was) either.
Trump had a falling out with Epstein when Epstein apparently sexually-abused one of Trump’s woman or girl-employees.
And Trump has had almost nothing to do with Epstein since.

Yet that kind of thing has never stopped the left wing media from attacking President Trump.

Yet they have not attacked President Trump here.

I’m like . . . ??? . . .

Now I agree. If they spotlighted Trump, the spotlight would be much heavier on Bill Clinton. And other leftists. Especially in alternative media sourcing (which many people do today).

And if Hillary is REALLY out of the race, I would think the left would sacrifice the Clintons to win a gambit and attack Trump.

But the media is pretty quiet on this aspect too.

Which suggests to me that Hillary is running in 2020, or that the Clinton influence over the media is even MORE POWERFUL than even I thought. (Or both.)

For example. I was not surprised that after Matt Lauer drilled Hillary with questions BEFORE the 2016 election, that NBC would “uncover” something big against Lauer (that we all pretty much know, that NBC already knew before but ignored it) . . . .

. . . Some pretext to not just fire him, but DESTROY him would occur. We talked about it in my home and we EXPECTED it.

Hillary is very vengeful.

And it didn’t take long.

And now we are hearing NBC knew all along.

What changed?

Doubtful that this “killing” of Lauer’s reputation was a mere #metoo moment for NBC who probably still has a stable of predators in high positions there.

It will be interesting to see if Hillary runs in 2020.

If she does, I expect the Epstein story to go away. At least from the mainstream media.

Which is part of WHY this thread may be important in the future too. (Because some people will come back to this thread to get a “one-stop” thread encapsulating the Epstein death.)

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DIERM . . .

A welcome break . . . from real American scandals. Thank you!

(Naturally you and I might disagree on what constitutes “real American scandals” today, but I can get past that here for now.)

DIERM. I am going to take this in the best possible way and assume you meant it at face value.

You are welcome.

I guess leaks are OK only if they are leaking into the media, and not out.

Hillary enabled her husband’s rape / sex abuse of women. It appears that the Epstein saga, if investigated, would implicate the various men who visited his island. Which might implicate her husband, yet again.

What is interesting is the standard required at the MSM for going out with a story. The bar seems pretty high to go out with the Epstein story…but quite low when Avenatti paraded out various women with the Kavanaugh confirmation.


KMC . . .

The bar seems pretty high to go out with the Epstein story…but quite low when Avenatti paraded out various women with the Kavanaugh confirmation.

That’s for sure!

Theo520 . . .

I guess leaks are OK only if they are leaking into the media, and not out.


That has a pretty high punitive factor.

Thanks for posting that.

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Here is more on CBS’s firing of FORMER ABC news person working now at CBS (or formerly working at CBS I should say).

Tucker on ABC leak: Big 3 TV networks acting like a cartel

Nov. 07, 2019 - 6:28 - ABC investigating leak, CBS fires former ABC staffer tied to video leak; ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host Tucker Carlson weighs in.

And some other aspects not associated with the CBS firing too. . . .

TheStory #FoxNews

Anchor caught on hot mic claiming ABC spiked Epstein bombshell


Published on Nov 5, 2019

A new Project Veritas video shows ABC’s Amy Robach talking about the network’s efforts to squash her Jeffrey Epstein coverage, claiming she had the story ‘for three years.’ #TheStory #FoxNews


Famed medical examiner makes explosive claim regarding Epstein’s death


Published on Oct 30, 2019

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden exclusively reveals findings from his investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy on ‘Fox & Friends.’ #FoxNews


9News #NineNewsAustralia #9NewsAUS

Claims Royals ‘pressured’ U.S. network to drop Epstein story | Nine News Australia

Published on Nov 5, 2019

Leaked footage released by conservative web site Project Veritas of U.S. ABC journalist Amy Robach’s off-air rant has led to allegations that the Royals pressured the television network to drop a story regarding Jeffrey Epstein.


I really don’t think the media is ignoring Epstein because they’re pro-paedophilia. It’s because he had numerous connections to powerful people

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No offense, Dr_Meinheimer, but you failed to mention that Ms. Shue received an Oscar nomination for her role in Leaving Las Vegas. Sadly, Shue’s character in that movie was brutally raped. Considering what Jeffrey Epstein was charged with before his death…

They might not be pro-pedophilia per se, but they are prioritizing the powerful over the victims. In practical effect, it amounts to the same thing.

Um, do any CAF members remember the Jared Fogle scandal? Was it really that much different from the big Jeffrey Epstein scandal?

ABC News Defends Its Epstein Coverage After Leaked Video Of Anchor

November 5, 20197:14 PM ET

Heard on All Things Considered

David Folkenflik 2018 square


ABC News anchor Amy Robach complained in a leaked video that the network “quashed” her interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an accuser of Jeffrey Epstein.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Mount Sinai Health System

A newly surfaced video of an ABC News anchor’s unguarded remarks about the network’s coverage of the late Jeffrey Epstein has thrown ABC on the defensive.

In a leaked video posted Tuesday by the right-wing activist group Project Veritas, news anchor Amy Robach expresses her frustration to a colleague over ABC’s failure to broadcast her interview with a key accuser of Epstein.

Robach complains that the network “quashed” her interview, suggesting that ABC had yielded to threats from powerful forces, including Buckingham Palace. Prince Andrew is among those men whom the accuser alleges Epstein trafficked her to for sex. . . .

. . . “I’ve had the story for three years,” Robach says in the video. “We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told, ‘Who was Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.’ Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.”

Robach goes on to say that Giuffre alluded to others in the interview, including former President Bill Clinton, Harvard University law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz and Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. (All deny . . . .

. . . “I tried for three years to get it out to no avail, and now these new revelations and — I freaking had all of it,” Robach says on the tape. "I’m so pissed right now. . . . .

. . . ABC News and Robach confirmed that the video and her remarks are real. . . . ABC News, they argue that Robach’s frustrations do not reflect any breakdown in journalistic acumen. . . .

. . . On April 6, 2015, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra ruled that Giuffre could join a legal action against federal prosecutors. She accused the federal government of acting illegally by striking a deal allowing Epstein to skirt federal criminal charges without informing her until after the fact. . . .

yes, Epstein had many powerful friends who are thought to have participated in some of the debauchery. Perhaps an ex president, whose powerful wife might still have political ambitions.

I try to forget that movie. Give me the simplicity of Daniel’s Larusso’s girlfriend Ali, or Marty McFly’s girlfriend Jennifer in Back to the Future 2 any day over a movie about prostitutes, depression and drug use. But I recall LLV being nominated for best picture, along with (testing myself here…) Babe and Apollo 13, but all losing to Braveheart (and rightly so, IMO). I forget what else was nominated in 1995; the Usual Suspects should have been…

Report: ABC News Frantically Hunting for Epstein Whistleblower

(INSET: Screenshot of Amy Robach's hot mic video, published by Project Veritas) NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 30: James Goldston speaks on stage during The International Women's Media Foundation's 2019 Courage In Journalism Awards at Cipriani 42nd Street on October 30, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Bennett …

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for IWMF; Project Veritas


12 Nov 2019

ABC News executives are scrambling to snuff out the staffer responsible for leaking footage of an anchor lamenting the squashing of her bombshell report on deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, even searching through employees’ inboxes and carrying out interrogations, according to a report.

Last Tuesday, Project Veritas published an undercover video in which Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach is seen telling a producer that a witness brought forth damning information regarding Epstein, which also implicated former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew, but ABC News killed the report. A clip of Robach’s off-camera tirade was saved in ABC News’ internal video clip library by Ashley Bianco, then a junior producer at the network. Bianco was fired from CBS News, who had hired her in recent weeks, following the release of the Robach clip. She denied leaking the clip to Project Veritas, and the conservative media organization claimed its source was still working for ABC.

Thus, as the New York Post ‘s Page Six reports, the hunt for the Epstein “whistleblower” is in full swing. “ABC investigators have been rifling through staff emails, news logs and grilling staffers. The company has been isolating certain employees and putting them under pressure to turn on their colleagues . . . .

So much for an alleged small potatoes story.

I hope the gal wrongly chased down (at a “competitors” network no less) and fired turns around and sues them both for wrongful termination and damages.

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They are STILL “quashing” this story (at least to the extent they can) . . .

CBS, ABC, NBC Skip Covering Congress Urging ABC to Explain ‘Quashed’ Epstein Story


November 18, 2019 Updated: November 18, 2019

Morning shows on the three major news networks did not cover members of Congress asking ABC to explain the reasoning behind killing a story about convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The networks’ online news sites also did also not report on the request.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) sent a letter on Nov. 17 to ABC News President James Goldston asking why the network “quashed” a story about Epstein, who was being held on child sex trafficking charges when he killed himself in August. . . .

. . . The networks instead spent time “on a different, more palatable Epstein angle: A debacle of an interview given by Britain’s Prince Andrew to the BBC,” Scott Whitlock of the center wrote.

CBS News did not have a story on its website about the letter from Congress to ABC as of Monday evening, nor did NBC News or ABC News.

Prince Andrew, a longtime associate of Epstein, defended the association in the interview, saying at one point he stayed at Epstein’s infamous New York City mansion because it was convenient. . . .

. . . Asked about being pictured with Virginia Roberts—the Epstein accuser who spoke with ABC—the prince, 59, said he couldn’t recall meeting her and alleged there are “a number of things that are wrong” with her account.

Virginia Roberts at Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico in file photographs. (U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Florida) . .

Poor kid. Shameless abusers.

Another development . . .


Published 32 mins ago

Criminal charges expected this week against Epstein guards

By Michael Balsamo, Tom Hays | Associated Press

Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he took his own life are expected to face criminal charges this week for falsifying prison records, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

The federal charges could come as soon as Tuesday and are the first in connection with Epstein’s death. The wealthy financier died at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York while awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing teenage girls.

The officers on Epstein’s unit at the federal jail in New York City are suspected of failing to check on him every half-hour, as required, and of fabricating log entries to claim they had. Federal prosecutors offered the guards a plea bargain, but the AP reported Friday that the officers declined the deal. . . .


Media, Feds harsher on Roger Stone than Jeffrey Epstein

Nov. 18, 2019 - 3:50 - Stone found guilty on all seven counts; Epstein accused of sexually assaulting 34 underage girls.

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