ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Mistakes Stricken Palestinians for Israelis

More “lamestream media” bias or just confusion? Maybe Diane is just unaware of the facts on the ground.

ABC News has gotten quite a bit of criticism for their mistake. They have apologized, and I think included this apology on last night’s broadcast.

I’m all for pointing out media bias, but this just seems like a simple mistake to me. :shrug: Even the most prominent reporters are still human beings subject to making mistakes.

Perhaps what was intended was to relay the horrors of war. Instead of self-righteous indignation leveled at the media, our concerns should be for the safety and welfare of our brothers and sister caught up in this turmoil, whether Palestinian or Israeli.

It just goes to show, I mean, isn’t it most often the case that warring tribes have more similarities than differences?

I agree, but because of past mistakes, bias, and deceit, these networks and people don’t get a pass or the benefit of the doubt any more like normal humans would. They lost that right a long time ago, fair or not. Boy who cried wolf and all.

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