ABC News: Westboro Baptist Church family disowns daughter (20/20 - 6/4/10)

seeing as that “church” is composed of nothing other than inbred family members that’s probably not going to help them expand

Certainly not. And, I was watching a documentary on them one time and the daughters said they didn’t have plans on marrying anyone because the time of the Lord is near.

God hates evil cults.

It’s people like Fred Phelps that give Christians a bad name. It disturbs me that he lives in the same state as me. Who listens to him and says, “that’s my religion”? Who would reject Pope Benedict, but listen to some inbred pseudo-preacher from Topeka?

The people on the video looked just so all-American normal middle class. Yet their talk reveals them to be of the same exclusionary mindset as the broken people of Jonestown or the Heaven’s Gate comet cults.
It is aimless, driftless people who become attracted to these groups which seem to satisfy some primal need by recreating a tribal identity into people’s lives.

That’s a rather sweeping and defamatory characterization. Can you cite anything to support this claim?

How sad it all is! My heart goes out to the daughter, who has been so badly treated in the name of Jesus. How hard will it be for her to come to faith in him after that? There are many kinky cults out there; but this one calls itself “Baptist”, which, of course it really isn’t. I don’t like the expression, “gospel of hate”. Hate is no gospel. I guess ABC doesn’t know that 'gospel; means “good news”. This cult is not good news for anyone - even its members. 3 guesses who’s behind it all!

Thank God for that!

Do you want a “sweeping and defamatory characterization”

In addition, WBC calls Pope Benedict XVI such epithets as “The Godfather of Pedophiles” and “Pervert Pope”

These people have a future as religion news reporters for the MSM any time that they like. Even a Christopher Hitchens could learn a thing or two about religious reporting from the WBC.

Their worst sign about the Pope is “F*g Pimp Pope”.

I’m afraid I didn’t see anything there supporting your claim that the church is composed of nothing but inbred family members.:shrug:

Wonder which path she’ll take now…seeing as two of her brothers have already left (one is now an atheist, the other is now a more traditional “God Is Love” Christian)

Westboro Baptist Church-giving Jesus a bad name since 1955!

Fred Phelps and his band of loathsome Catholic haters at the Westboro Baptist Church will be happy to know they have a friend at the Catholic fourms making sure no one cast any slurs at them.

Here is the rather sad story of the Phelps family.

And here is an article on the Phelps family of WBC in action.

I rather doubt they’ll be impressed with the actions of someone they consider an “idolatrous moron.”

A person can be a friend of the truth and not Westboro at the same time. While the core of the Church is one family, their is no evidence they are inbred. There are a few other members of the Church than the one family.

Lucky Girl :thumbsup:

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