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Dumb question, but is ABC news liberal?

I think all the networks lean to the left more or less. They may say they don’t, but I think they do especially in the way they pick and choose what stories to highlight. For example we heard a lot about the Scooter Libby trial (which made the Republicans look bad) , but Sandy Berger who worked for Bill Clinton and who was caught stealing documents from the National Archives didn’t rate a mention.

That said, when I do watch a network news program - it’s ABC news with Charles Gibson.

I tend to agree…I find that Fox News is conservative, so I try to balance that with listening to NPR and attempt to discern some truth somewhere in the middle!


I don’t like any of the cable “news” outlets, except CNBC and the stock prices. They only show sensational stories, and almost nothing qualifies what I think of as interesting. I find myself focusing on the text box scrolling underneath since I can get all the major stories in a couple minutes that way.

Fox news calls people names. I don’t care about their politcal orientation, that makes me turn it off. I listened for it for two hours last week, just to see what they are about, and the news was just the backdrop for the constant namecalling. If I didn’t already know that the people they were insulting were on the Republican blacklist, I would have had no clue what liberal actually stood for. (I had to go to reuters to get information about the original news stories. Watching Fox made me feel dirty and ashamed that I even considered voting Republican.)

Well, now I know why I don’t watch those shows.

I am a new viewer of Fox News programming (in an attempt to balance the liberal sources, namely CNN and NPR) that I gravitate towards…I have to agree with you about Fox News. Some of their behavior can be a bit juvenile. I especially have to turn it off and take a break whenever Ann Coulter makes an appearance on ANY show. I personally find her despicable.


Would this be on a news program?

Not a dumb question at all. But I would like to point out that we should not have to ask if a news program is liberal or conservative. News is news. The way it is present, however, can give it a slant. The omission of some news can also leave the wrong impression i.e. if you always hear the negative of some news story and never the other side–and there always is one.

I think part of the problem is that we have cable news outlets that present news most of 24/7. I think it might be hard to say the same thing over and over, that is why they reair the same interviews and segments over and over through the day.

I’d go straight to the Associated Press. They don’t have stories, so much, but they have the facts that they feed to the news stations/papers, then they write the stories (which is where all the spin/slanting goes on).
Not quite as fun to read, but it’s like a cliff notes news…factually based. Who would’ve thought; NEWS based on fact??

The Fox News programming I am referring to is the shows with commentary shows, as well as seeing Ann Coulter on these shows as well as on shows such as the Today Show…


Thanks for the clarification. But the Today Show is not news. It does have news on the hour and half hour as does Fox in the morning, but the rest of the program, while discussing news issues, gives much more room for editorializing. And for the record, Ann Coulter is not my cup of tea.

That is a strange concept, isn’t it? Have you ever looked at their headlines in depth and then compared them to the story itself

Thanks for your comments. I agree that the Today show is not another news program (did not mean to insinuate such).


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