ABC newsman John Stossel jumps to Fox

"ABC newsman John Stossel jumps to Fox
He’s trading a much bigger platform for the promise of more time on the air

NEW YORK - ABC anchor John Stossel, a libertarian whose work earned him fiercely loyal fans at the same time he caused headaches for the network, is jumping to Fox."…

Entire article here:

I’m glad. I’ve seen him on Fox and he seems to be a really nice guy. I’m looking forward to seeing what his weekly show will be about!

“Trading a much bigger platform for the promise of more time on the air.”? More likely, Fox is offering him a much bigger platform.

I looked at this article on several different websites from different news sources like the NY TIMES and even The Huffington Post. All of them note early in the story that Stossel is a LIBERTARIAN.

Now I just want to ask, when Chris Matthews moved to MSNBC did any news source indicate that he was a LEFTIST or LIBERAL in any of their reports?

Seems like a clear case of media bias :mad:

The Fox Channel gets better & better all the time.

John Stossel and Don Imus, Fox is going to have it hands full! :smiley:

This will sure be interesting. Wonder where they will put Don Imus though?

Seems some shows will have to be replaced though if they’re making room for both of these.

Can’t say that they don’t have a variety of programs though. Wish they could have a slot of Steve Miller—his would be interesting too!

Hey great I like him and his books.:thumbsup:

He did not fit with ABC. I am surprised ABC was still airing him, but I bet they limited his reports. Watch what happens now.

Stossel is great, he has a lot of integrity in his reporting.

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