ABC reschedules debate about God (CNA)

WASHINGTON DC, May 03 (CNA) - Actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort will square off with two atheists this weekend for a 90-minute debate about the existence of God.

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Noon (Central Time Zone) on Saturday… what an odd time to feature a debate on God. Who is watching television then? I’m thinking the audience for this debate would have other things going on in their life.

There is something more sinister here than a few people not believing in God,” said Comfort. “Why would so many be so bitter against Christianity in particular?

That is a very good question. I’ve met encountered quite a few people on the internet who seethe with anger when the topic of Christianity is mentioned.

Ray Comfort

I am torn on this. I generally like these types of discussions. (My university just had a discussion between some Christian debater who focuses on creation and one of our science professor about creation vs. evolution)

But this guy Ray Comfort who is the author of Way of the Master does not consider Catholics Christian and encourages his readers/followers to convert Catholics. I don’t know if I could watch it without getting angry so I think for me it would be best to avoid that.

God bless

If the best Christian can do is Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron we are in for a world of hurt. What about Peter Kreeft? N.T. Wright? Timothy Luke Johnson? Mitch Pacwa? Cardianal Avery Dulles etc. These are respected apologist and or authors or clergymen, with legitamate credentials and not some hucksters who sell who to play gotcha with heathens and win an aruguement DVD’s.

This was my original reaction, too.

Kirk Cameron can bring in somewhat of a higher ratings, I think. But there are certainly more better equipped apologetics out there including those above mentioned.

Kirk Cameron can’t bring in the rating to get his own current TV show the last time he attracted people to the television set was 20 years ago as a teenager. Oh Please Laura Ingraham who has a current national radio program and #1 bestselling book would be a far better choice as Cameron does not have either a national radio show or number one book to his credit but a television has been of 20 years ago. There are other Christians who would be better than Cameron as well and of course better apologist than Ray Comfort this duo was selected because they have some DVD’s to hawk pure and simple and this debate will be surely hawked on thier website at a latter date.

Kirk Cameron starred in the Left Behind series…

In the Bible Christian world that makes him “Ordained”.

I’m not familiar with either of those fellows and suspect that if what you all say is true we are indeed in for a world of hurt. I still lament the fact that the only playing field on which we are allowed is the “scientific” (as in modern nominalist based) playing field. Still, the idea of debating I would think probably makes Sts. Paul, Albert the Great, and Thomas Aquinas pleased.


Except for the fact Cameron and company regard Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas heretics and believe St Paul taught salvation by faith alone.

And in Hollywood that would make him a laughingstalk. Bad theology aside the movie was so awful it was laughable. It was not supposed to be a comedy but it turned out that way for me.

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