ABC’s homosexual sitcom

ABC’s homosexual sitcom ‘Modern Family’ received Catholic media award

On Tue May 08, 2012, Christine Dhanagom wrote:

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 7, 2012 ( - A sitcom featuring a gay couple and their adopted daughter was honored last week by Catholics in Media (CIMA), a group which purports to recognize movies and television shows that “[make] clearer the Word of God” and “help us better understand what it is to be part of the human family.”

The organization presented its annual Television Award to Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, executive producers of the popular ABC show “Modern Family,” at an Awards Brunch held April 29th at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

Why do Catholics ignore God’s commandments?


Is Vice President Biden on the CIMA board, by any chance?

I really think there are more pressing issues at hand. sure it’s rather scandoulous:eek: but, its not worth a whole tread debating this. Pray and move on.

The National Catholic Reporter has won the award a number of times, so that tells you what this award is worth. Unfortunately, the world will see it as positive commentary and support from Catholics in general, which is very unfortunate. In actuality, Catholics who adhere to the teachings of Holy Mother Church are likely scandalized. I know I find it scandalous.

This IS relevant and worthy of debate because these people are representing Catholics and are supporting behaviors that DIRECTLY conflict with Church teaching.

Shame on them.

I believe this is the exact attitude that is the real problem. It’s time to focus on more than one issue at a time - now, not later - before they get bigger and get out of hand.
The Church is being attacked from all sides not just one. How long should we wait to say something?

Well…it is a funny show

Does “Catholics in Media” have any kind of standing or recognition by the Catholic Church or have they just stolen the” Catholic" moniker for their own commercial use?

Is it kind of a “Catholics against Jesus” group?

Anyone can use the term “Catholic.” It is not copyrighted.

Glee won an award from them last year. Not going to them for recommendations for movies and television shows. :rolleyes:

Even f they are baptised in catholic church, it does not necessarily mean that they are catholic. Which means that f ur not following the teaching of our church then ur a protestant.

Sorry, you are wrong about that. A baptized Catholic is a Catholic forever, according to the Church. Even if he or she is a sinning Catholic!

The organization’s website does not say much about how things were selected or voted on. They did give an award to “the Way”, which I intend to see soon.

More like the Catholic League.

So what? What’s so wrong about that? Would you be throwing such a hissy fit if they recognized a show that fetured an unmarried couple? or a show that featured violence? THe Vatican itself issued a list of noteworthy films in the 90’s. many of which contained violence, nudity, swearing, and all sorts of other things that I’m sure has some of your panties in a knot.

Besides, you have NEVER actuallyt seen this show, I’m guessing. The gay couple are NOT the only ones in it. You have no right to claim that THEY are why the show was given an award. there could be many other ideals that the show contains, but you’re too close minded to think about that. You see the big bad GAY word and freak out and assume nothing good can come of it.

Catholics are so damn hung up on homosexuality, as though it’s the be all and end all of nono’s

Seriously guys. Just because something may contain a problematic subject doesn’t mean it’s inherintly evil. Also, I love how weasel-worded the headline is. ABC’S GAY SITCOM. yes, because it’s about and ONLY about gays, and has no other subject matter, ever.

God I hate you all

Why are Catholics ignoreing God’s commandments? Well, I’m sorry to see that you think viewing a TV show other than nuns praying on EWTN is going against God’s commandments. I mean, last night on tv? I saw a tv show where a girl wore a skirt above her knees!~ OH THE SCANDEL, I AM FILTHY AND GOING TO HELL


How Christian of you.

Oh like I haven’t heard that one before. Well, how Catholic of YOU to be judging the same way I’m sure you think I am. How Catholic of all of you to believe what someone says without seeing for yourself. I hope you guys are happy under those rocks, mmkay.


They make a medication for that.

Sir, this post was hateful, full of spelling and grammar errors, and very prejudiced. You judged all Catholics based on either the one poster here, or the few you have seen in your experience. I am shocked and disappointed at your behaviour.

I don’t even think it is worth the time I could spend correcting the many mistakes you made writing this, but I must say that you should never judge a population based on the actions of a few people. Good day, sir, and God bless you.

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