ABC's new TV show "Cougar Town", Wednesday nights. Is this a real show or is it a spoof of a show?


ABC’s new TV show “Cougar Town”, Wednesday nights. Is this a real show or is it a spoof of a show?

From the Preview site this looks like “Sexual Predator 101” and “201”:eek: Yet another reason to protect our families from the sewage that is todays Prime Time TV.:blush:


*Believe it or not GD, I think it IS a real show. :blush: It looks gross, in my opinion, as most of those types of shows look. I won’t be watching it, that’s for sure. *


What a pathetic attempt at being funny! Who in their right minds would watch this garbage?


Okay, now imagine if this was about male sexual predators.

How fast do you think feminists would be slamming it?




*Exactly. Hopefully it will be canceled. *


For the last 40 years or so, television has been dumbing down the culture. During the last 25 or so of those years, sexual barriers have been systematically dismantled through television as well. Throw in the women’s movement of the 1960s and the result is that women have begun to adopt many of the sexual attitudes and behaviors of men.

Mature women are now being portrayed on television as sex starved animals who seem to be stuck in perpetual adolescence. “Cougar Town” is just the latest installment in the endless parade of entertainment that appeals mostly to the lower senses.

The phenomenon of the “cougar” is not strictly a Hollywood invention. These women do exist and are growing in number because men in their 30s 40s and 50s cannot seem pull themselves away from sports, television, internet porn and fantasy football. Men also seem to be stuck in a perpetual adolescence.

These “cougars” aren’t actually after the sex… They are really looking for male attention and will use sex to get it.

The real losers in this are godly young women who won’t sleep with a guy after three dates. Godly families are rare these days because good girls cannot find godly young men to marry anymore. It is my opinion that the destruction of western culture is nearly complete.

Men with attractive wives in their 40s better start thinking about cancelling that fantasy football draft.


Quite sad but true.:blush:


Agreed. It’s disgusting.

Something that really got my goat years back was the Law and Order SVU series. As a victim of rape I haven’t the faintest idea of why sexual crimes make for good entertainment. As if there aren’t enough crimes being covered in the regular Law and Order?? That show has gone on and on and on and on and every crime they deal with gets a little more disturbing and they include seemingly more and more details every time I’ve watched bits of it. Child rape, incest, peer rape, trafficking, sodomy…this kind of stuff holds people’s attention for an HOUR???

What people are willing to be ‘entertained’ by really blows my mind.


I am disgusted with the whole thing. And like Shanny I wad mortified that they actually made a show about sex crimes, and how detailed and disturbing it is. My DH is from England and we used to watch BBC America when they had “mystery Monday” Some of those shows are particularly dark and twisted- I used to tease him about how sick Brits were, but the tables have turned!


Yea I believe this is a real show, it’s got Courtney Cox in it right? What’s funny is that they have had joke thing like this on SNL for a while now, how odd that ABC would actually make it a TV show…



*Hi TLM–I don’t think cougars are always married…I think some might be, but I think they are mainly divorcees who have money. I know in Florida, the term cougar comes up a lot…especially in south florida. My sister who lives there tells me about the rich women 40+ who are seeking much younger men. I’m thinking this is just another offshoot of feminism, women wanting to compete with men. I mean, older men have been seeking out much younger women for centuries. So, it’s interesting that we would think it’s so outlandish when a woman does it, but for some reason, it is an oddity. I married a man 11 yrs my senior…and at 40, if I suddenly found myself in the dating pool again, I would never in a million years be attracted to a guy under 35. That’s just me. I think many women 40+ like to be ‘the boss’ in a relationship, and such they choose inexperienced, younger men to have fun with…however, it’s possible to find love. I don’t think cougars are looking for love, more they are looking for someone to make them feel young again.

shanny–I agree, although I do like Law & Order SVU, I think you’re right about shows revolving around that (rape) Here’s an interesting note…Mariska Hargitay the main character, actually belongs to a rape activist group…she heads it up. So, I think it’s near and dear to her heart, just thought that was interesting to note. I didn’t know you experienced that, I’m so sorry!!! :(*


Good points… I might add that young girls are also becoming very sexually aggressive in recent years. Parents with teenage sons will be wise to watch them with the same care a 1950’s father watched out for his daughter. Even more dangerous is the fact that the majority of high school girls have already been exposed to at least one sexually transmitted disease.



Last year I saw ads for a show called “The Cougar” on some cable channel (TV Land?)

If it went well, this seems the logical outgrowth of it. It is a shame, but I agree that if this were about men in their 40’s trolling for young girls we’d have seen riots by now.


*So, I’m sitting there with dh last night…we are flipping the channels, and we decide to watch the last 5 minutes of this show. :rolleyes: At first, the scene looks innocent enough. Courtney Cox’s character is having a chat with her son…apparently, she is divorced, and the ‘plot’ of this show is basically how she is dealing with dating, when she isn’t as young as she used to be…etc

It seems like the show is about to end. The son leaves, and she throws off her robe, and she’s wearing some slinky lingerie/dress/whatever, and then from out of another room, or up the stairs, somewhere…this guy appears, and she is running to get wine, and telling him to light candles. She walks into the bathroom to look at herself, and she snarls at what she sees…and then, flees to the bedroom…and that’s the end.

Another garbage show on tv. Not surprised. Having sex out of wedlock seems to have become a hobby, like reading a book or something.

Anyways, that’s it for me! 5 minutes too much! After that, came on a commercial for a new show called ‘Californication.’ :eek: It’s about a guy who is a professor, I think, who has sex with his students. Another morally challenged show.

I’m not a prude, but these shows are gross. *


Unfortunately, it’s a real show.

I concur with everyone who has said it’s disgusting and stupid and should be avoided. There are a lot more shows on TV that are fun and entertaining without being coarse, or on the other hand, so lame it hurts to watch.


I watched part of it and hope that it’s canceled. It’s written by Courtney Cox and her husband John Arquette.(sp). It is about a almost 40 year old woman who is recently divorced and is trying to get back into the dating scene. It constantly showed her middle aged male neighbor having college age women spending the night all the time. And Courtney Cox, who plays the main character, feels this need ot compete with him and seduce young highschool guys. In the show, she ends up sleeping with a high school (or mabye right out of highschool) kid. This kid goes to the same school has her son. In one scene, the kid she is sleeping with is actually hiding behind a wall until her son leaves for the night so that her son won’t know she is seeing one of his class mates. I am sure the kid she seduced is supposedly over 18 because if he weren’t that would be illegal but it does portray the kid as still in highschool. It also portrays that she is the rich one because her exhusband has to ask her for allamony payments.

It is not a good show. There is a ton of overacting and it’s actually insulting to middle aged women who are divorced or single. It is basically telling them that they need to seduce young hot guys to give them a sense of worth. And since the title of the show is “Cougar Town” I would bet that will be the main theme of the following episodes. I was a divorced 30 something woman and it never occurred to me to ever try to go out with a young guy. That’s just gross!!!


Good post.


Oh. My. Goodness. I caught about 5 minutes of this show last night, and it is an atrocity to family values! I’m still having to lift my jaw off the floor. I just can’t believe this is what ABC wants to show to America during prime time… what is happening to us, SERIOUSLY?


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