ABC's What Would You Do - gay agenda?

ok, so I’m watching What Would You Do, and I really love that show. There are some moments that seriously bring tears to my eyes. Like one on a down syndrome guy, and they were saying racial slurs to him. They were all actors, but then real people would step in. Some of them are really inspirational. They would say “he’s a person too, how dare you!”. you could just see how passionate they are and it’s really inspiring.


Seems like EVERY episode has to have a gay agenda attached to it. One episode they had two guys and later two girls sitting on a park bench being more affection than virtually any heterosexual couple LET ALONE a gay couple. They were kissing and holding hands, etc.

Then they proceed to show all the “bigots” who stop and look… give me a break.

Or they just had one where they’re in a restaurant. And a lesbian couple is in a restaurant and the waiter is like so you don’t have a dad? (they’re all actors)

Again, the narrative is “Will anyone stand up to this terrible injustice!!”


The couples: I would say:“Excuse me, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for ANY couple to be putting on such a public display. Could you tone it down a little bit, please?” I’m not sure what the deal was with the people in the restaurant. Were they doing something? IF not, I’d lay into the waiter. I once had a waiter in Colerain, OH tell me and a college friend (who was black) that it would be better for everyone if he didn’t let the sun set on his black a**" And a restaurant full of people never said a word.

I agree with you with the whole ‘agenda’ premise, but I happen to think that what the waiter was doing was so over the top that it WAS an injustice.

(This is ME talking here)

How DARE he stand there, and embarrass those kids, and humiliate those people (the male couple or the female couple) just because he doesn’t like what they do with their private lives? He’s a SERVER, and as such, should take their orders, bring their food, and make sure they pay their check.

No one was asking him his approval, or his judgement. You don’t want Gay Couples to exist? You aren’t going to make them all go away by attacking any one of them.

If anything, you’d make them more inclinded to participate in PDAs than what they were doing already.

I have issues with PDAs anyway. Whether the couple is straigt on gay, if it’s an interracial couple, if the couple is an old person and a young one. Yikes. Take it home. Get a room. Holding hands, looking into eyes… sure… but lip action? Yuck!!! (They RUINED M:I 3 with that kiss… and that wasn’t the only decent movie that was ruined with yucky)

If the waiter had been in some situation where he could have spoken to the couple/family alone, and not had others to hear him… mebbe I could have stomached that. His riducle was way over the top. He was out of line.:mad:

I was thinking: if I had been there, I would have stood up, walked over to the couple and said, ‘excuse me, but do you need REPRESENTATION for a DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT?’ just to get the creton to sit down.:thumbsup:

I wasn’t too keen on the one guy, who was the child of Holocaust Survivors, comparing them to a Black couple… I got issues with everything that is homosexual being compared to Black people in America.Why not say, ‘What if the couple was JEWISH?’ Then I would have been able to relate.

I think that alternative lifestyles, from homosexuality to cohabitation, have become parts of mainstream society to a point where so many folx seem to think it’s the norm to aspire to. :eek:

See… that was my thing: the PDAs were over the top. It actually sickens me to see people putting their tongues down each others throats in public! :eek:

I just hate so many people who ‘It wasn’t may place’ and ‘I didn’t want to get involved’ being the mantra. Rather than, ‘we’re all in this together’ :blush:

I remember the only episode I ever saw of this show… there were two actors on a date at some sort of bar (male and female). While the actress went to the bathroom, the actor slipped something in her drink while making joking references about date rape, making sure the other people sitting at the bar saw him. There were a couple people who told the actress when she got back, but lots of people just laughed with him and thought it was hilarious. It was disgusting! That episode didn’t have anything homosexual in it, though (to my knowledge)…

Great, now I started to youtube it and I’m getting addicted. Thanks a lot.

It’s a really awesome show and John Quinonas (spelling?) has a good voice.

My only issue is that every episode features a gay couple doing something inappropriate and then the narrator talking about how it’s a huge injustice and is all about intolerance. and they put it on equal footing with violent racism, rape, etc. so if anyone is against gay marriage, then they are shown as completely intolerant neanderthals.

Hollywood now opening arms to gay characters, families

Don’t watch it and tell the sponsors you will not buy their products.


I watched quite a few episodes on YouTube and I only saw two “gay” episodes, both of which were not unreasonable. I have no problem with them shining people who are cruel to homosexuals in a negative light.

But were the others really cruel? Or was it more a case of intolerance?:confused:

And how tolerant should people be when there are intimate actiongs taking place in public forums? When I am going out to eat, I don’t think it’s fair for me to have to watch someone else licking all over your face, or rubbing your body. :mad:

What they had the couples doing, IMO, was extreme for any couple.:eek:

The fact they used homosexual couples, as if their actions should be permitted because of their sexuality, was more than a bit much… again, IMO.:slight_smile:

Well none of the video’s I watched had them doing much with a possibly exception of a gay couple being mildly affectionate in a bar (hand holding and pecks were the only things shown). I am assuming not much more went on off screen since no one seemed to be saying anything about it. If there are videos were people were being extremely affectionate in public then I would understand people getting offended, I just haven’t seen those ones. The ones with the homosexual parents and children certainly just involved someone being cruel. Agree with the lifestyle or not it isn’t right to say things like that in front of kids.

On this point, we agree! No one has the right, nor is it serving any good purpose, to make such comments when someone is in front of others, esp their children.:slight_smile:

The episode of the show that aired August 2010 showed a brief, albeit intense, make out session. IMO, a make out session belongs behind closed doors. What I saw was inappropriate, esp in a restaurant. :mad:

Sadly, there are people who find this ‘funny’ and want others to see everything that they possibly can do in public, pushing boundaries.:frowning:

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