Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Company's new t-shirt line is sick and perverted


September 4, 2009

		 									 					**Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Company's new t-shirt line is sick and perverted


				 					Congratulations again moms on such a successful campaign with Dairy Queen! Dean Peters, Director of Communications and Public Relations of Dairy Queen, contacted OMM and said they pulled their ad from "Secret Life of the American Teenager" and no additional units have been purchased to advertise during this rotation. DQ has added "Secret Life" to their "Do Not Air List" and their "Restricted List." We have monitored this program and confirmed this is true. OMM has thanked Dean Peters and Dairy Queen on your behalf. No further action is needed. **We are making a HUGE difference!**

Moms, we need your help again! Abercrombie & Fitch has come out with an appalling “New College Tees” line. They are only available in stores at this time which makes it even more risky. Their clothes appeal to some college students, but teens and tweens also shop in this store. These tees are not appropriate for any age. Kids will view these t-shirts while browsing in their stores at their “Get It On” Fall Sale.
This is what is printed on their new tees:

*]**Tie me up, don’t tie me down **
*]**All bed no breakfast **
*]**I always end up on top **
*]Anyone you can do, I can do better
A & F’s ads they have displayed in their stores and online have always been vulgar, but they have gone too far this time.
This same company also owns Hollister Co. which coincidently has a new “Surf Tees” line that is full of sexual innuendos as well.
They are listed below:

*]**Chicks Dig the Long Board **
*]**Sand Jobs are for Surfers **
*]**She Goes Both Ways () **
*]**Ride the Tip **
*]**Maybe Partying Will Help **
*]Volley My Balls Please

[/FONT]Let Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. know you are sickened[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] by their new perverted t-shirt line by sending them an email letter.


Utterly disgusting. What parent would allow their daughter to wear that? I can’t imagine, I really can’t. It’s beyond comprehension.

I never shop there and never would, overpriced junk IMHO, but I’ll be happy to send an email, my sisters sometimes get clothes from there.


I have always avoided those stores. Unfortunately, these companies have been doing this for years, not to mention they have a “clothing catalog” you have to be 18 to PURCHASE because the model aren’t actually wearing that much clothing. They need to be avoided. Tell others to do the same.


Ugh, I just can’t stand A&F and Hollister. Like was stated, they’ve been doing things like this for years and it’s just disgusting.

Sad to say that when I was in high school I did shop there. I wish that their clothes weren’t considered “cool” amongst high schoolers and college kids.


Ugh! :eek: :eek: So glad my daughter doesn’t like those stores! She’s got a very classic taste in clothes and thinks the ‘message tee’ is junkie! Just another reason to avoid the mall!


We shop at Hollister, sometimes…and I’ve never seen their tees with words or phrases on them. Thanks for sending this our way…it’s a shame, Hollister is such a nice store, they have quality clothes, they don’t need to slump to this level. :frowning:


I have always disliked these stores very much and hate going in them. I think they purposely blare their music so loud to annoy (or drive away) parents who are shopping with their kids. The clerks often fail to acknowledge you when you walk in, and heaven forbid if you need to ask for help – you’ll just be inconveniencing them! This is just another good reason for me to boycott these stores. :mad:


DS (12) went on a long rant about this store a few months ago for this very reason. I was quite proud of him. :smiley:

I wonder how many stupid parents will buy their teen these t-shirts only to get phone calls from the school principal to come and pick up their child for indecent clothing in school.


*That’s so funny to hear a different experience…this is the one store I actually enjoy shopping in with my dd. I like the music (sometimes lol) and the kids have always been helpful. Abercrombie however, I won’t set foot in…had one terrible experience (my only one) and will never go back…rude sales help, etc…but Hollister has always been a favorable experience in my eyes. Strangely enough I think A&F owns Hollister…but I have found Hollister to operate so differently. *


lol, right? Our kids attend a school that prohibits wearing of any sexual, etc phrased clothing…so, another failed attempt at trying to sexualize kids. That part of A&F’s marketing, I’ll never get. I have not seen such phrases on tees in Hollister though…


I am new to the Hollister/Abercrombie/Aeropostale stores as our oldest two are now 13 and 12. I always knew that Abercrombie clothing was in poor taste - the clothing, stores, and ads so I never would buy those clothes for our kids. We don’t have much retail around here so it’s not like they even asked for them.

They have caught on to the Hollister brand, though, and I did buy them each a t shirt while we were on vacation this past summer. I did not know they were the same company or I would not have bought them. I also couldn’t really tell from the store that the clothing was in poor taste. Just knowing those sayings are on some of the shirts takes them off my buying list. Thanks for the info!


My son buys clothes at Hollister too. I’ve discouraged any shopping at A & F because I knew about their too-sexy ads. But I didn’t know about the t-shirts at Hollister either. Thanks for the information. These clothes are all highly priced and the stores are doing anything and everything to lure kids in to spend their money.:mad:


I don’t know – maybe I’m getting grumpier in my old age! :wink: I used to work in retail years ago, and we were trained to be polite and greet customers upon entering a store. It just seems that customer service ain’t what it used to be anymore. The A&F and Hollister stores in our city are horrible, and while we don’t shop at the mall regularly, once in a while my kids like to look in these stores for a pair of jeans or khaki pants. You would think the employees there would take extra care to be polite to the parents, as they are the ones holding the wallet! :shrug:

But I digress…


I’m not familiar with the Hollister brand. I don’t spend much time at shopping malls though, and there definitely isn’t one at my local mall. But I’ve refused to step foot in A&F long before my kids were old enough to want to go in there. I got one look at one of their photo ads in their store long ago and that was it for me. :mad:

My older two are always talking about wanting clothes from Aeropostale (sp?). The thing with that store is the clothes look so cheap! Same with Old Navy. I usually stick with The Children’s Place of JcPenney’s. I just can’t stand spending money on poorly made clothing just because it has a label on it. :rolleyes: (what’s that? did I turn into my mom?! I’m sure I heard that line when I was a teen! :eek:)


wow…that’s disgusting :mad:


I guess I don’t understand this one… Yea those are pretty sexually blatant but I can remember wearing a shirt that said “Give me Rossignol or give me Head” on the back and Crested Butte, Co on the front. They are of course 2 brands of Snow Skis but… obviously we knew the “other” meaning. My mom hated that shirt but it did have the Rossignol and Head logos on it so… she let it be. However there were a lot of other shirts I couldn’t purchase much less wear, even though they were cool, even though I was a pretty popular guy and wanted to stay that way… heh.

I guess my point is that if a parent buys this for their kids or lets them wear it, that’s the parent fault. College kids are going to buy want that want, but parents have a say so in HS and Jr. High and it’s up to them to exercise their duty in this case. No reason to protest anything here IMHO, the system will work it out. IF they don’t sell, they won’t make them anymore…



This reminds me of a shirt my hubby had way back when we were dating. It was made by Nike and it said “talk dirty to me”. Well he thought it was funny, until another guy tried to pick him up!! Never wore the shirt again:D




*I couldn’t agree more about the overall attitude of teens working in retail (and in many places frankly) It’s as though it’s a bother or intrusion on their conversations with their coworkers to help the customer. I have seen this at macys, aeropostale, amercian eagle, as well as A&F. But, I have to commend Hollister …at least here in Tampa Bay, they have been pretty friendly, and professional. This is a place we buy a few fun things to kick off the school year, but we don’t frequent it…unless there’s good sales, and now with the recession, there are a lot of decent sales to be had at these retailers. But, the price of the clothing…yes, the people working there should take extra care to be accomodating, I would say. I buy my tees at target, and they work just as good. :smiley:

I’m home today, taking a sick day, and I went to pick up my dd from school just now. I told her about this thread…she said there is a tee that she saw in the store recently that said "conserve water, shower with me.’’ How sick is that? :mad: She said, mommy, I will never ever wear something that gross…but I still like Hollister. Truthfully, my kids dress very modestly. They like nice quality clothes, but they don’t wear ‘catch phrases,’ on their clothes, and they know I would never ever ever buy sexual phrased teeshirts or sexualized clothing even if they were into it. I am grateful that my dd dresses in tees and jeans, and sometimes hoodies…and modestly. I don’t think my kids like to draw attention to themselves, in general. So, I think that if no one buys that particular ‘line,’ it will remove them from the stores. Stores don’t want to lose money. :o *


:rotfl: hahaha oh my gosh, that is priceless!

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