Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals



This is so disgusting and sick. :frowning:


Agree; it actually makes me physical ill.



  1. There already is a thread about this – forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=869431

  2. The headline and thread title are inaccurate; what was happening was that the incinerators were serving a dual purpose.

  3. According to the article, using incinerators for this purpose has now been banned in the UK.


It didn’t take the victors long to find their own Belsen!
We must pray to our Jesus to forgive this nation and for Our Lady to request its consecration to her beloved Son.
I will be surprised if there is any public outrage from the British that seem to have lost their moral compass.
We live in terrible times. I get scared sometimes.
This must be their famous National Health warming the heart of their nation with care and compassion.


I saw that thread after I posted this. Please moderators delete this thread so that its all on one.


Praying for all the aborted babies.


It would be the rational conclusion to disregarding the fetus as sacred human life. Why not use them for heat?


I think based on the negative commentary (attached to the article), it must mean that most people are not really hard core pro-choice/abortion, in fact, maybe because of this they’ll come to the realization that abortion does kill human life.


I heard this driving into work today and at first thought they were making this up…GEEZ!!!

Why is this not breaking news on every media station in the country today? LOL

We are literally no better (and probably alot worse) than anything Hitler or any of his croonies have done, we make them look like saints!

who, in the world comes up with an idea like this to heat their hospital!!! Im going to try and find a name of someone in charge of this…hopefully I can find their name.


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