Aborted Fetal Material Used in Anti-Wrinkle Creams


However, the group says that this is the first time they have encountered any company bold enough to put the information right on their own website and product literature.

“It is absolutely deplorable that Neocutis would resort to exploiting the remains of a deliberately slaughtered baby for nothing other than pure vanity and financial gain,” stated Executive Director Debi Vinnedge. “There is simply no moral justification for this.”


Oh dear me…I feel absolutely ill…

I need to look this company up and make sure we aren’t selling their products in the store I work at. We do sell anti-aging creams though, how many of them are going to be like this??

Okay I looked them up, and their products aren’t in our stores (thank God) but this is all very real…here’s their website:


The most frightening thing is that they’re so upfront with it. There is no shame or concern about loss of revenue due to good people acting as Whitacre_Girl has.

When there is no longer a sense of public shame over an indecent act, the act becomes the norm. Today the f word is commonly used in front of others. No shame. Gay parades include sexual acts in the street. No shame. Low cut tops with high cut bottoms in church. No shame.

God help us.


Wait…what? Sorry I am missing your meaning?

Sorry if I confused you. It wasn’t well stated. I think you did a good thing in checking out the store where you work and stating you would never buy it. Most manufacturers do not want this to happen for the obvious reason of losing revenue. So they hide facts like these rather than face controversy and potential loss of business. But this company apparently doesn’t have that concern.

If they can boldly state that their product is made from material from fetal tissue, then it doesn’t cause them any shame to do so. I find it frightening that any company could be that shameless because if others take the same stance, where will it end?

Hope that said it better.

Of course they aren’t terribly obvious. It actually says it is using cells from a bank. That doesn’t sound too bad.:rolleyes:

hahaha, yeah okay I get it. LOL

But yes, I feel absolutely nauseated by all of this, and I can’t believe the company is so brazen that it would put this on their website!!! I will never buy it, and if I ever find out the creams we have at the store where I work contains fetal tissue, I will refuse to sell it. If they fire me, I will sue the living **** out of them, and hopefulyl the media coverage of such an event would drive the company under. At any rate, this is so sick.

This makes me sick.

Our children are being taught that life is cheap. If you don’t want to be “punished by having a baby”*, just kill it and you don’t even have to pay for it. Our movies, TV shows, video games, even our so-called role models in sports and government grind killing and murder into young minds across the world.

This company is despicable. We have put personal vanity above even life itself. Every day, I pray to God apologizing for what we have done with His beautiful world.

*This quote is of course, the product of the person who is supposed to be the premier secular role model for children, our prseident, Barack Hussein Obama.

So I thought there was no way this could be true, but it sure looks like it is.



I think most people would be surprised to find that the vast majority of vaccines in this country are developed from 2 aborted fetal cell lines from the 60’s.


I am assuming when you say vaccines, this does not include the flu or H1N1? Just checking

That’s disgusting :mad: but I can see how some sick mind could come up with this. Ughhh…

Sort of like the Nazi soap…

No actually, I know the swine flu vaccine is not derived from these fetal cell lines, and i don’t think the annual flu vaccine is either.

However, I don’t believe and MMR vaccine exists in the US that does not. Here’s a good list and site in general, which broke this news:


I learned the link after my last child had the MMR shot:( I don’t buy very many beauty products and the expensive ones I leave them for better people than I. That MMR thing realy hurt though so I read what the church had to say about it and though I know that I committed no sin it still made me uncomfurtable so now, I have refused any further MMR shots on religiouse grounds.

I am sickened when I hear things like this it seems to me they think it makes them sound more scientific but to me it just makes them look realy ignorant.

Good God, what is the world coming to? To inject myself with someone else’s remains, whose life was unjustly taken from them, just to increase the possibility of not getting sick? Just the idea makes me sick! Yet another way to advance the pursuit of the ‘Almighty’ dollar.

Sadly this isn’t about stopping people from being sick. Its about reducing wrinkles. Aw well at least they look good as they rot in hell.

I can’t really believe a cell culture in a petrie dish is a person. In the cases where the cell culture was taken from an aborted person then I agree that a person was killed but all human cells are not people. I can swab cells from my cheek and grow them in a lab. those cells have the DNA necessary to keep growing forever or even make a little kdb but they are just a glob of tissue.
Otherwise, you wash an army of your clones down the drain every time you shower.

Agreed but these cells where taken from aborted children. They were considered not important and than brutally murdered and then had their cells taken to 'help" others. I don’t understand did anyone not read history.

Lucy, consider the use of an adult murder victim as an organ donor. Unless this leads to more murders then it may be the one good outcome of such a crime.
The doctors who cultivate and use the cells are not the abortionist.
Also, please don’t remind me that the OP was about skin cream. I am only defending this in terms of some important medical application.

I’m sure in some way. A relative of murder victim who donated their organs, can take some form of comfort that their loved one was able to provide life to someone in the community. But what happens to the murderer? Is he free to continue on to cause more deaths, so those victims organs can be donated? Some defence. “Yeah judge.I did kill those people. But look at the positive side. Their organs were donated”. AlsoThose adult organ donors, weren’t taken into a clinic to be murdered. IN full public view. One poster made a "nazi soap " commment. i think they were spot on.

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