Aborting the Golden Goose: Roe vs. Wade Killed Social Security

Aborting the Golden Goose: Roe vs. Wade Killed Social Security
The Real Demographical Time Bomb.

by N. Beaujon
February 20, 2005

Abortion killed not only the viability of the fetus, it killed the viability of our social security, both literally and figuratively. Social security depends on the viability of future generations coming up from behind to support aging populations. Our Social Security system depends on the same.

When Social Security was created there were 16.5 persons employed per each retiree [/font][1] and the majority of them were never expected to live beyond retirement age! (That was the subtle “beauty” of Roosevelt’s system.) Today that ratio has dwindled down to 3. By 2030, when the last of the baby boomers are expected to retire, there will be 2 employees carrying each retiree. [/font][2]Where do you suppose all those “future employees” went? Down the drain, literally.

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I was saying the same thing to my family yesterday. It is true. We did this to ourselves with the selfish society of today. Abortion, birth control and so-called population control created this problem.

I have not seen any demographics, but with the influx of immigrants - legal and not legal - I have to question the statement that we only have so many wage earners per retiree. Granted that people are retiring and living much longer, we also have way more jobs now than we had when they were at whatever age; that is, the economy continues to grow, and in spite of out sourcing to other countries, we have economic, and job, growth.

And I will grant that some of those jobs are filled by people beyond retirement age. I still question the statistic.

I would agree that abortion has killed off large numbers of our children, and per capita by race, it has hit the African-American group the hardest. However, the population continues to grow, especially the Hispanic population, followed by the Vietnamese.

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